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Friday, August 13, 2004

the great macintosh query

mathew's core

i love to (try to) organise. and reorganise. and reorganise again. and i'm never happy. i look at my root folder and try to figure out a better way to classify the way i keep files straight.

in the neverending pursuit to find the best way possible to organise my home folder on my mac, over the next week or two, i'll be baring my digital core to you. that's right - garbo will be doing a striptease for you, your mac, and your sanity.

if you're a mac user, please take snaps of your home folder, upload them to your own web server, and post a link to that directory. everyone can use a good lesson in reorganisation. plus, it's a good way to see how the jones' keep their system straight.

in upcoming posts, i'll show you my dock if you show me yours (or maybe just 1 big screengrab to show you how i do things, including naming conventions, and some sample files), an in-depth snap of my home folder, a few folders, my mail(box) setup, and my the few notes i've got stored in xpad - maybe even my killer photographs directory (oh dear, master luke).

like i said, i'm never happy with the way things are. i always want to move forward. i'm looking to others in the mac community to help out. not only to help me get things under better control, but to help each other. thanks in advance.


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