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Thursday, August 05, 2004

hella sick at work today

got to work quietly, barely able to see the road as i drove (i didn't take the scooter, just in case) as i'm the kind of sick where you're barely able to comprehend the outside world.

last night, i hit the sack at 9pm and don't remember anything beyond that. on the weekend, we went camping (where i didn't get much sleep..), and 2 nights ago, went to the drive in where we didn't get home until 2am. on the way home from the movie(s), i noticed that i was getting a sore throat.

today, i woke with it. and barely woke up at all. from tossing and turning all night my back is sore. i feel cold and can barely keep my eyes open. and it's just 8.30am. while i would have stayed home today, i'm taking tomorrow afternoon off so i can go to kitchener to coach our special olympics provincial qualifier matches. taking today off and then tomorrow afternoon off seems a little shady to me.

when was the last time you were sick?


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