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Monday, August 23, 2004

hellapod too!

i've noticed a few other things about HellaPod:

8) i'm trying to think of uses for it - i can't really use it while driving (certainly not the scooter), thought this morning i had 1 earphone in on my way driving in the car to work.
9) am i missing something, or is there no way to stop a song? i know you can pause, but stopping seems to be an issue.
10) the on-the-go playlist thing is neat, but i don't like things that add menus to my machines without asking me first.
11) i love adjusting the volume when a song starts. the wheel is brilliant. the clicking sound is brilliant.
12) why aren't there more games for the ipod! why isn't there a community devoted to making them up?
13) i want to touch the ipod. it is very sleek and sexy.
14) not sure what people are complaining aboot re: the headphones. i think they're great. i've already heard lots of little things in songs (like in some radiohead tracks) that i've never heard before, even in the car stereo.
15) i've started to create a carrying case of my own in my head that i want to try to sew up. in my head, it is small, and suited for running.

big thanks to tom for coming over on the weekend and helping us in the basement too.


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