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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

organise: home folder

my home

currently contains (l-r, t-b): desktop, documents, downloads, games, library, movies, music, pictures, projects, public, sites, and type.

the home folder thing is a bit of an enigma to me. a long time ago, i tried to rename my documents folder with a lower-case "d" and the os created another documents folder with an uppercase one when i logged back in (something i haven't tried since). natch, that was back in os x 1.0.

many people i talk to don't quite get the home folder either and usually save their docs in the main hard drive directory (same with new applications). i usually recommend that they keep their docs in their root folder and put apps in the appropriate folders in the hdd directory. hasn't bugged me yet so i'll keep doing it.

i have a few "new" folders in the home directory, that is, folders that didn't come pre-installed: downloads, games, projects, and type.

the downloads folder houses just what is says it does. all files downloaded by me are dumped into this directory. from there, i unstuff 'em and do what i want with them. this folder is further broken down into: compressed files, disk images, icons sets, software packages, and quicken statements (which i never use). i have this feeling that i should move the icon sets from this folder but am not sure where to keep them. for a while i was keeping them in a subfolder of the pictures folder, but that didn't fly (thought i still keep my homemade icons in there for some reason, along with half of the illustrations i've done that i didn't put into my projects folder [for whatever reason]).

games breaks the previously-mentioned location convention and puts all my game apps in a folder that isn't the os x applications folder. this is something i saw daniel bogan do and decided to give it a whirl. so far, so good. and it's easier to get at them as well. this breaks my "put all your apps in the applications folder" cardinal rule, but it hasn't fudged me yet, so..

the projects directory is probably the worst organised folder on my hard drive. it contains applescripts, cocoa apps, started web-sites, retired sites, various hellaboss projects, scooter ones, icons i've created, and more. it is the one i'd love the most help with. maybe i'll do a big thing about it in coming weeks.

lastly, the type directory houses all of the type on my computer (to make things easy for suitcase). this folder is 438.5 megs in size. i don't like it where it is, but it beats the projects folder. i've been wondering if i could move it to the library folder that contains other fonts. i'm afraid that if i move the files into there, "bad things" could happen. thoughts on this? i've actually since moved the entire folder into library/fonts and it fudged up safari's displaying of arial typefaces (it was replaced with grafitti type). upon a moveback, things were fine and festive.

one of the most underused folders on my hard drive is my documents folder. in there, i keep vital bits of info like my resume, neighbourhood watch signup records, ms office records, and more. nothing serious. specifically, none of my projects. i have this feeling that i should be using this folder more and have been recently looking for ways to do it.

more notes: i also don't use the sites folder the way i think i should. all of the web sites i'm working on are kept in subfolders of the projects folder rather than in here. it's odd too, because this folder is php and mysql-enabled and the projects one isn't. especially in this respect, i'm in dire need of reorg help.

how do you organise your home folder? do you like to keep the folders in there to a minimum and get nervous when you see 10 items in there (like i often do)? or do you keep tonnes of folders in there and organise from the root level rather than from levels inside the default folder set?


Blogger The King of Kerwood said...

I can't comment on my home folder. It's like saying what I have in my underwear drawer, and I'm not one to show my unmentionables in public... well, at this time.

August 20, 2004 at 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mathew, this is Jenny from Thanks for visiting my blog and leave those kind words :) Here you got another nice blog I'm going to bookmark it! Keep the good work!

August 20, 2004 at 3:49 PM  
Blogger moy said...

hehe, thanks jenny from! glad to finally "talk" to you. thanks for your kind comments.

August 20, 2004 at 4:30 PM  

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