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Thursday, August 26, 2004


can i shuffle a playlist on the ipod when listening to it or do i have to listen to the whole thing through?

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yes you can. go to settings, find shuffle, choose "songs". guh.
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the playlists currently on HellaPod are:

Le Jazz: all the jazz i own is on my ipod. it seems to be good background music to be listening to while writing code. tracks include: best of the verve, dextoer gordon, etc.
Runner: includes songs that i listen to while running around the block(s) each night. tunes incl. les marmotte aplaits, the distillers, rancid, radiohead, etc.
Sort Me: all the unrated songs in my collection in one list. if i want to, i can listen to it, give it a rating, and have it update my machine. a good way to try to tame the 300+ songs that have no ratings.
Starstruck: songs rated with such as 5 stars. motorhead, radiohead, the rza, and more!
Twang: all the folk or country music in my collection. includes johnny cash, the be good tanyas, the o brother where art thou? soundtrack, oh sister!, etc.

what playlists do you have on yours?


Blogger The King of Kerwood said...

My playlists names are people who I made up. They were never imaginary friends at any time, but could be if I go into a state of madness where I could never recover from.

Random Jones and Julian Sweetheart are my playlists. If I decide to put Brian Eno music back on the iPod, there would be a new name, probably a name of a cat.

August 26, 2004 at 11:45 PM  
Blogger moy said...


that's a neat idea. i used to do things like that with clever names for files, etc., but if found that when i went back to them after a month or so, i forgot what was in them. "Le Jazz" is the closest i'll get these days.

silly a.d.d. - haha!

with other lists ("Twang", and "Starstruck") i use the name of what the list contains to help me keep them organised. it seems to be working so far.

thanks for your comments! going to toe-volt?


August 27, 2004 at 9:51 AM  

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