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Friday, August 06, 2004

starting off on a sick-note.

friday morning and all is well. i bravely rode yoshi to work today and he handled like a dream. i was passed illegally by 2 guys in a mercedes, but no need to bicker aboot it. i also (gasp!) downloaded interpol's last album via acquisition last night. i had no idea that i was going to buy it today, but i am, so i can delete the tracks. it's a great album with lots of great tunes. i think i like british sea power better, but what can you do?

on the subject of downloading music

yes, i do it. i download music. of the ~3000 tracks on garbo, about 15 of them are downloaded (add to that the interpol tracks). sometimes (as in the case of interpol), i download an entire album and listen to it for a week, then run out and buy it. most of the tracks on my computer are tunes from my own collection. i think downloading tracks is a valuable resource for the music-hungry consumer who can see if a disc is good enough to purchase.

i understand the idea that the music industry is losing money because of music downloads. i can't help but think that television shows like mtv cribs can't be doing much to help them justify the costs of music vs. downloading.

if you watch a show like that, where some musician you've never heard of before has a 55, 000 square foot mansion, plasma tvs on every wall (including the ceiling) and 2 bottles of water and 64 cans of mountain dew in the fridge, you can't help but wonder how much of a dent the downloading scene is having on "the man".

i've talked to people about this point, saying that when people (especially young people) see this show, i'm not sure they are inspired to buy cds. while those i've talked to talk about the fact that it's all borrowed money and that if their next disc does poorly, they'll be serving burgers at wendy's, i don't think the average person realises it. it's hard to understand a lifestyle when the people you appreciate are so high over your (financial) head.

in other news, today's bestbuy flyer has a huge "we now carry apple products!" bit in it, and a deal on the back page that you wouldn't see unless you were keen. buy a new ibook g4 and get a free 15g ipod! daang. if only my a/c hadn't conked out. what a great deal. sorry garbo - i love you, baby.


Blogger The King of Kerwood said...

I believe that I am one of few people who still takes the time to buy cds. Hey, I just like to have the back-ups when my computer decides to go wonky if I have music on my machine.

August 6, 2004 at 11:46 AM  

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