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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

sweet potatoe

alton was all over the orange spuds tonight and i was all over taking my cat to the vet's beforewhich he clawed my forearm and hand, peed in my car and pooped in the device we use to take them places.

and i felt terrible. the entire way he was trying and moaning like i was poking him with terrible knives. i tried talking to him, but it fell on deaf ears. he wasn't keen to the idea. trick is, he's not really very perky typically. he's a very laid-back cat who takes things as they come. he's very easy going, until you try to stick him headfirst into a canvas bag. sounds mean, but the bag is a special cat-carrying one so i'm not being a jerk.

when i left him at the vet, i was the one crying in the car all the way home. i felt terrible and figured he thought i was taking him back to the shelter where we got him because he wasn't working out for us. the opposite is true. i will be very sad if i outlive him and need to put him to sleep.


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