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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

twisting ical away

i've become a teevee geek. i'm using ical to remember when both good eats and oliver's twist are on, but are grouped under a "teevee" label and are spattered across the month and week chart.

it's funny to see these specialty channels and just how much programming they don't have, when you look at their schedule across a week. oliver's twist is on 3x times tuesdays, all the same show, for example.

i noticed this repeat programming a long time ago on much music. they often repeat the same show 4 times a day, much like london's pop radio stations, when they can't afford to keep someone on staff 24 hours a day (go chrw!).

it's good, in a way, that this is done, however. for those who don't keep shows in ical (or their favorite [and less-terrific] calendaring app), if they miss the show because they didn't know when it was on, this is the perfect way to get to see a show. missing it isn't really an issue because they can wait a couple of hours and see the same show again.

the channel also has to get the money's worth out of the show. i'm sure they're paying big bucks for the oliver show (and alton's too, but likely oliver's moreso). in order to make it worth their purchase, they can put a show on 4 times a day and charge advertising fees to help pay for it.

i'm sure that, in the end, is what it's all about. they know they can charge advertisers for each broadcast because the show is so popular, so they put it on 4x per day. it's this overbroadcasting that's keeping the food network (and networks like it) afloat.

before you go off the deep end re: seeing the same show 10x per day, remember this post, log your fave shows in ical (you can get the broadcast times from and choose when you watch them.


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