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Monday, August 09, 2004

voiceless in seattle

okay, so i'm not in seattle. but i am voiceless. a steady weekend of coaching on top of the sickness i was talking about last week leaves me whispy and distant this week. it's monday morning and as i arrived at work, i am unable to speak very loudly, and my voice comes in and out. ta-ra-ra! good thing i don't need to talk on the phone.

using ical, i created my week's to-do list while my wife is away at her parent's house looking after their dog. i always get inspired to get down to things after a a coaching outing. natch, a few of those things are to go and visit the niffer, but most others are around-the-house things that anyone can do (except the cats - they've been very lazy lately..).

jenny said the bbq went well on the weekend and that she had fun lazing around the house, burning weeds, and gardening. she keeps getting lots of great comments about the front yard from passersby while she's working. and it's all warranted - she's really doing an incredible job out there. i built the path, and planted 5 trees, but everything else is her.

yoshi goes in for his first checkup this thursday (as recorded in ical) and i'm looking forward to it. i can ask about squeaking brakes (likely from when i wash him and didn't dry things properly). speaking of which, i need to add 'wash yoshi' to my to-do list.

so, if you'll excuse me..


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