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Friday, August 13, 2004

waiting woes

last night i took my scooter in to hullygully (a local honda dealership and the site where i bought the bike) for its first service appointment. i got to park it in the motorcycle parking-only section of the parking lot, which was a sweet little thing. i was feeling good about things and went inside.

some back story: i booked the appt. a week ago, for 6pm yesterday. they wanted me to come in a 5pm but i didn't get off work until then. so i put it off until 6. turns out yesterday i left a little early because i always get to work at 8.30am when i'm supposed to start at 9. by the time i'd arrived at hg, i was about 45 minutes early. when i was called with a confirmation of the appointment, they had said 5pm and i called them to make sure of the time. they said it was 6, but they just write down 5(?).

i got there, told them i was there, they pulled the bike around to the back (after i showed the mechanic that there was a kickstand lock in the seat - that he had no idea about - a bit of a bad sign?) and told me that they'd get to it soon and let me know when it was ready.

i was told on the phone that the check-up was supposed to take 1 hour. it took almost 2. i waited in the customer service corral where 2 vending machines and a pile of unkept bike and decorating mags (!?) and 2 older guys were talking about bikes. one looked like the dad from the american chopper tv show (it wasn't) and the other guy was a salesman from cambridge who came to pick up a bike he'd ordered a couple of days ago, which was supposed to be in the day before.

the 3 of us waited. and waited. and waited. we talked about things and they asked me about my scooter. i found out a few things - like how synthetic oil would be great for my scooter to keep it clean, and how hg has messed over people in the past (namely those 2 gentlemen). i found out that dover was happening (today) and that neither of them was going (but oddly, the american chopper guys were supposed to be!).

2 hours later, myself and the non-ac-dad went to the service area to talk to the guys and started harassing them, joking around about when our bikes would be ready. we figured that the length of time it would take to do his bike would be halved for them to do my bike since there wasn't much to it. we were both wrong.

eventually (after wandering the boating section and looking at some fun boats, atvs, and hella-expensive full helmets [$500+]) i saw a mechanic wheel my bike into the loading bay (we were peeking through the door to the loading bay). he took the bike, rode it around the building and parked it at the side door. the guy who took it originally gave me the lowdown and the bill ($95) and my keys back.

i took off on the bike. things were great. until i had to stop for the first time. the brakes had been squeaking lately and i asked them to clean them. when i braked the first time, it felt like i had no brakes left. i had to clamp down hellatight on them to get any kind of stopping done (after this morning's rain-soaked ride, they are working fine [?], thanks for asking).

<moral of the story>
hg might be the best place to go to see a selection of scooters (though last night theirs was terrible), anything beyond looking at bikes is a pipedream. go somewhere else. like inglis cycle for purchasing, mechanical, installation, etc.
</moral of the story>

ask me about my hg experience with yoshi's windshield installation sometime, mm? or my wife's mom's experience with her trunk-mate? or the oddness with the honda seat last night? jeeze.


Blogger Matthew said...

I had this happen often at a place called American Racing Honda back in Santa Cruz (CA, USA). I don't think I've been to a single reputable mechanic when it comes to my bikes. If you find one all the way up there I might just have to do a road trip.

P.S. Someday I too will own a Metropolitan.

August 13, 2004 at 11:52 AM  
Blogger moy said...

metropolitan? is that what you call jazz' there? you also have like 6 more colours to choose from than us as well. lucky kids. we've red, yellow, green (!), and a checker pattern. i've seen the usa site and there is a light blue, etc.

lucky, thought i wouldn't give up the yosher for nothing. :)

August 13, 2004 at 1:23 PM  
Blogger The King of Kerwood said...

I bet the waiting room felt like a dentist's office. Then again, when you move into a location that use to deal with home building & improvements, you would think that decoration mags and motorcycle mags would be up to date. Those decorations mags must be a remnant of the Copps Build-All.

Man, I wonder what they are like with snowmobiles.

August 15, 2004 at 10:19 PM  
Blogger miro said...

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