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Friday, September 03, 2004


ride to work today was delightful but the weather is certainly turning colder. or maybe it's just that i keep wearing t-shirts under my riding jacket™? whatever the case, it is cold, but still lovely and i hope to keep it up until at least november. especially if this year's anything like last year.

i love the ipod. did i tell you that before? my current fave thing now is to use ical like a mofo and sync it to the ipod. i find myself going through my contact list and updating people's records just so that i can see more info on it too. i'm at the point in my address book that i've got all my names in there, and all have as much info as i can find for them. i am disappointed that aim/ichat names don't sync over however.

another thing that excites me about the ipod is that it's a firewire device. never having one of those before, i'm glad to have a device that can plug into those sad and fast little ports in the side of my computer. any time i unplug them (which is rarely because i always charge the pod via the computer and not using the attached powerbrick), i switch the ports so they all get used. silly, yes?

i downloaded more music last night. 2 tracks by cibo matto and 2 by mason jennings. the tracks are so good that i'm going to buy the cds this weekend. speaking of which, pals of mine are coming down to visit on saturday to kick it with the niffer and i. we're both excited aboot that idea.

futureshop today is selling gba:sp for $99cdn. get one before the ds comes out! i'm going to wait until just after the ds comes out so that i can get one downtown at a pawn shop for $hellacheap.

in true moy style, i already grown weary the sidebar header type. that may change today.

< update >
sidebar type updated with HellaBoss fave, rosewood.
< /update >

< update part 2 >
new title too. hated the plainjane text. wtfudge now brought to you by HellaBoss heavy industries, inc. let's turn this motherfudging party out!
< /update part 2 >


Blogger Frank said...

In true Moy style, it looks awesome... I, too, like the new headers better than the last.

As for the iPod's sync capabilities... I've considered doing the same, but I'm concerned my mini may fill up quickly -- although, how much can a contact or calendar item take up?

I may give it a shot this weekend, to see if the novelty/necessity is there... it may just be! :)

- Frank

September 3, 2004 at 9:55 AM  
Blogger moy said...

that's a great question.

if it helps, i've got a 15 gig (13.9 in reality) ipod with 1268 songs on it and my contact list and ical events on it. the ical events are low-to-medium in number and there are about 50 contacts in the list. with that, i've got 9.2 gigs leftover. itunes says that my whole itunes playlist is taking up 4.2 gigs.

that means that the synced info (and 4 text files, i forgot about them), and playlists are taking up 4.7 gigs of space. since the tunes are taking up 4.2, the other info is taking up .5 gig (or 512 megs), a heckofalotof space used up. maybe i've more contacts and events than that. i'm not storing anything else on it.

not sure where i'm going with this, but if it helps you figure out if you can use the ipod mini for your contacts, etc., well, that's great.

September 3, 2004 at 10:14 AM  

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