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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

cheatin' hart

HellaPod is fully charged and ready to go for the day ahead at work. added rage against the machine yesterday, and edited my 'fourty ounce' playlist (my top 40 tracks) for a change of pace.

i'll be taking the scooter again because the niffer needs the car again. she required it yesterday too, so i rode yoshi to work in 16 tonnes of driving rain and wound up rather soaked to the bone. i was so wet that i had to borrow a pair of pants from a coworker. my little rain jacket didn't work very well (mainly because of the straps of my backpack, i'll wager.

so i went to wal*mart at lunch and bought what looked to be a fine, full-body variant of what i was wearing earlier in the day. i don't think it's waterproof. after work tonight i'll be going to novacks to have a look at their raingear (as i'm sure that it's all waterproof) and see if it's any better (of if i like it..). i'll be returning the gear i bought yesterday on the weekend.

i've also been turned onto the magic of xml and rss after downloading newsfire and putting some of my fave weblogs into it. sometimes i don't feel like going to sites and this is a perfect way to see what's been updated.

including wtfudge (atom).


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