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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

last night

there's nothing quite like being the first one to work in the morning, especially after a lovely scooter ride in what should be rough and wintery weather, but turns out to be rather darling. the ride to work was nice, but i put my new raincoat under the seat, just in case. also under the seat for those interested is a hat, a water bottle, my mileage book (which needs to be swapped with a new one) and pen, insurance card, and owner/operator's manual for yoshi.

for a while i've been thinking of doing a web site that features all of the gear i use when riding the bike, as well as a mileage tracker, and some snaps of yoshi's finer closeups. i've also been thinking of creating a scooter-based event in london called scooterjam where scooter owners and appreciators come by location x to talk bikes, shop, etc.

related, i was toying with the idea of making scooter gear for scooter folks. instead of being forced to wear duds offered by motorcycles (assless chaps, anyone?), or expensive armour (the new bmw catalogue is HellaHot, but way too much cash). i came up with a few things including backpacks, helmets, coats, gloves, raingear, scarves, etc. in this case tho, i've no idea how to move forward with it. i can't really sew well. i know no one who can.

whew. also backburnered right now, but moving up to the bigger front burner so as to get more heat is the HellaBoss redesign. things are moving slowly however, because when i just start moving on a tangent, i see something else online that blows me away and i get caught up in that and lose focus. the HellaBoss stuff now is really starting to look good. i plan to show mostly icons and illustrations on the site. nothing too exciting.

last night's run was okay. i only ran for 10 minutes, but i was really pushing it. i ran about as much as i'd done previously (~17 avg. min run) in 1 go. i did take a brief (untimed) walk to catch my breath.

i started writing in a journal too the other night. the perfect capper to the day. sitting on the new couch under the light and writing down what happend during the day. last night i wrote down what i did to make gourmet spinach grilled cheese (my own recipe) for dinner.

the niffer returns tonight from her folk's place.


Blogger Tracy said...

dude - what do you mean you don't know anyone who can sew? i'm pretty good (at halloween costumes at least). if you have ideas for patterns and such, we should talk it over - i can at least attempt prototypes for you.

September 15, 2004 at 4:14 PM  
Blogger moy said...

ohman, i totally forgot! okay, we'll chat aboot it on sat, mm?

September 15, 2004 at 7:29 PM  
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