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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

sorta kinda

i was looking on my ipod last night for a few songs that i had in itunes but weren't in my ipod for some reason. couldn't figure it out at all. it was getting odd too, because whenever i performed an ipod update, i would lose 5 songs or so. it was driving me a little batty. was checking all over the winternet for answers. apple discussions, ipodlounge, etc. nothing. just "sometimes if you pirate music you can't do it" and "install the latest system software", both answers i was already quite aware of.

if you're having this trouble, try this:

in the ipod prefs, you may have (like i did..) "sync only these playlists when you perform and ipod update" checked off. if so, check the "sync all tracks in all playlists" instead and perform a sync. all of your music should be on the ipod now (if it's not, i can't help you). from there, change back to "sync only these elite playlists" and have all the playlists checked off so you'll be syncing them all. uncheck them one by one and perform an update each time you uncheck a list item. you'll find the culprit list and you can choose not to sync it.

in my case, i'd created a few lists: "ancient additions", "recent additions", etc. when i was syncing, i had "recent.." unchecked so the songs in that list weren't copying over. i'd been assuming (which makes an ass of you and me, i know, i know) that all tracks were syncing and that the playlists were just a bonus, that the ipod was organising the tracks into the playlists like itunes does. but it wasn't. it was only pulling songs in the checked-off playlists to the ipod and not all of them and then the playlists. does that make sense?


the way itunes seems to work is this (please refute in the comments - i would love to figure this out!):

insert a cd into your computer (this is mac/pc i'm talking aboot. and be sure it's one that you own, by the way - don't pirate music! if you download a track and hate it, delete it. if you get one you like, buy the cd. onward..) and if you're connected to the web, itunes queries the cddb (cd database) and gets all the track names, album names, track times, (oddly, not cd cover art, which it should), genre, etc. and updates the track list.

you click import and itunes rips the tracks with the queried info in the format you specify (in preferences. i use aac quality all the time and actually have a playlist called "non aac?" where any files not ripped in aac format go so i can see if i need to clean up the list) to your master playlist. you can eject the disc now.

from there, you can create custom playlists or smart playlists (this is how i do the non aac one). you can either drag tracks from your master list into the sidebar-situated playlist you created (the icon is light blue), or itunes will do it for you based on the rules you specify (all songs over 5 minutes in length, for example. purple icon).

the way i see it, your songs all reside in the main/root playlist and the contents of the other playlists are shortcuts to the tracks in your main list.


this is how i'd assumed the ipod sync worked. that you had one main playlist and that the other ones just linked to the main list via shortcuts. that was my sync problem. i was only importing certain playlists because i was assuming the contents of those lists were pulling from the entire collection that was hiding on the ipod (in an invisible folder, by the way). not the case. if you import a playlist, it imports only that list and the songs contained therein. all others are left behind.

likely repeating myself a bit here a few times over, but i get it. do you?


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