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Thursday, September 23, 2004


not swerving, or sideswiping, or slowly/sharply turning from a target, or from a vector route.

no, i'm talking about the stock type and photo house based in calgary (where grant hutchinson works, by the by). for a project at work, i required some stock photos and instantly thought of veer. having gone to their web site and persuaded (now) 2 companies to purhcase their superhot snaps, i actually got to talk to a sales rep (hi chris!) on a) the phone and b) the email about photos, features, resolutions, geekery, lightboxes, and more.

veer's catalogue is incredible. i work for a dental equipment company. i ran a search in veer's royalty-free snaps for smiles. i got 454 pages of results (at 24 images/page). that kind of selection is incredible for me and my workplace. the only thing bad about it is the time it takes to go through each snap to ensure it's the one you want.

refining the search, i entered, smiles, open mouth and got 154 pages of results. wow. incredible.

anyways, after creating an account, i got access to the everrocking flash zoom tool that allows you to scooter up close and personal on any picture saved in your lightbox (aka: the found-image reservoir™). using flash, this lets you zoom in on a picture you've chosen to get a better view of it. at first (since you can click on an image 2x to zoom it) i thought the zoom reflected the snaps at different stages/levels of resolution. in the end, no, just a slick feature. i mailed 'em about it tho, worry thyselves not.

i placed the order for 4x pictures for our web site. we bought 4 high-rez snaps that we can use wherever we want, should we decide to hang onto 'em. that's right - there is a 7-day return policy on all royalty-free images. if you get 'em and don't like 'em, you can return them within 7 days for a full refund. another great deal.

and i might get a free hat out of the deal because chris the support person (sexless, just in case) was so delightful.

need stock photos? try veer. and shop canadian!


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