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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

work continues unabated

my street is being torn up to put down new drain pipes. this morning when the niffer left for work, she was greeted by a huge dump truck parked in front of the driveway. luckily i've the scooter and can just whip down the sidewalk if need be to get around the steel beasts.

running in this construction zone has been difficult. avoiding exposed drainpipes and leftaround equipment, negotiating very uneven ground (3' drops in some places between the sidewalk and the street), and muddy intersections. that's the excuse i'm using for not having done it in 3 days. that, and it was a holiday weekend.

this weekend was a good one however. got lots done including hosting jeremy and greg, bbq and swimming (x2), planting our new pear tree (perry), trimming hedges, mowing lawn, weeding front walkway, client freelance projects, and more.

looking forward to work today. moy out.


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