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Thursday, October 14, 2004

last night, much to jez and matthew's collective delights, i made a switch. all that "who is your web host" talk finally got me to going. i got paid from a freelance client and sunk the cash into paid-for web hosting as opposed to free hosting though a pal of mine. i went with my ultra breaker-breaker good buddies at segpub down under in australia.

so far, i got more than i bargained for.

i signed up last night, having entered all of my credit card information in their everclever forms and recieved my confirmation email and the normal "welcome to segpub. we hope you like us!" email. i clicked a few links, jotted down some password material (actually, i've a section on HellaPod under notes called passcodes that contains all the main passcodes i use on a regular basis in case i'm someplace away from my comp with keychain set and need to login someplace but forget how. hahaha... it's happened) and proceeded to

and nothing had switched over, unsurprisingly. i mean, i hadn't changed the dns pointer with network solutions (a good pal of mine is the main contact - something i've been wanting to fix for a while now - so i can't log in to change it myself). i hit up the ip number (cleverly disguised as the title of this post!) and found the segpub "welcome to..." splash that i mimicked in its place.

i connected via transmit and downloaded the original segpub directory contents to my ~/mathew/sites folder so that i can keep an official record of what's been there before. i changed the image and the title (transmit's got a handy "edit this file" feature built in, but i've found that if you're working on a huge file, you should download it before you attempt to edit it. i've been cut off by a shoddy connection in the past and if you save the file after you've been cut off, it deletes everything in the document) and uploaded them. you can see it here if you're keen.

i set up an email address using segpub's user-friendly control panel service(s). a quick login and i had access to mysql(!), wap, email account settings, web-tracking, and more. everything was pretty simple to use and understand.

what i meant by i got more than i bargained for was that i paid $x/month for this service. that's $x+0 more than i used to pay for hosting because of the generosity of my good pal raph at primeweb (we're in the process of reworking his site). i think the amount i've paid, rather than going to pay for my monthly hosting bill, has gone to tech support questions. you see, because i'm a bit of a dolt (they sometimes call me, "slowie") all of those "easy as pie" comments above took me a bit to get the hang of. after a long text chat with jez, 1 email message, and a 20 minute ichat audio chat that ended with us talking about how where we live has extremes unexperienced by the other, i had all the answers i needed.

and that's why, in the end, i had decided to go segpub in the first place, rather than hostrocket, geocities(!), blacksun, (mt) mediatemple, netkeepers, or any other service available to me. i like the idea that i "know" the owner. i mean, we've never met before, but we've chatted at least 1x/day for the last 6 months. i'd say we're pretty good pals for not having physically seen each other in a non-2d sense. i liked the idea that if i had a problem, i could quickly ask what's up and get an answer. namely, because the owner is a) a pal, and b) the one who sets up, configs, etc. the systems. which means he knows exactly what to do. he doesn't have to "get his people on it and get back to me when they have the time" like other hosts do. if i need help, i can get help. and despite the timezone difference (it's already tomorrow there!), because he's cut from the same geeky cloth as i am, he's up all night and day anyways, so contacting him about problems (i don't anticipate any more), ideas, begging to see the new control panel features, and more won't be a problem.

i also want to mention that not only is jez keen on answering questions quickly, but he's also keen on employing new technology as it comes out. segpub uses the latest version of urchin to track stats and is looking at getting version 6 up with the release of the new control panel features. i'll be taking the tour later this morning to see what that's all aboot.

so anyways, i switched to segment publishing in australia last night. so far they are excellent. i will keep you posted as time goes on.


Blogger moy said...

i should mention that i receive absolutely no discounts or kickbacks from making posts like this. jez and i are pals and sure he's greased my squeaky wheel (!) with a slight pals-will-be-pals discount, i don't get referral discounts like (mt) mediatemple gives to its more prolific hostees (k10k, gmunk, etc.). so, it's not an ad. i'm sure you know my posts to be pretty honest. i'm not stopping that, even if it would mean missing out on a discount. done? done.

October 14, 2004 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Testimonials like these are the built-in secret to Segment Publishing's success. Why advertise when you have the masses envangelizing for you?!

October 15, 2004 at 2:28 PM  
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