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Friday, October 01, 2004

all over octoberfest

well, not really. it just helps to draw in nicely to this post: that i'm going to kitchener this coming monday for a tutorial/training session on the delightful wonders of photoshop through work. it is a 1-day show that runs from 8am until 4pm. i'm not sure how many people will be going to it, but i think it'll be a real barn-burner of a good time. geeks who like art sitting around computers, noodling and doodling. just like my masthead reads.

the event's host is a speaker named andy anderson, who looks oddly like george carlin.

tonight is the king's college homefest gig that my pal tom is dj-ing at. my wife went to school there (i wasn't brilliant enough to go uni) and we're going to chill with some of her old pals. i'm mainly going to chill with tom.

holy doodle i love this HellaPod! i just made a playlist last night called autumn and filled it with swell tracks like:

fake plastic trees - radiohead
treefingers - radiohead
autumn sweater - yo la tengo
country trash - johnny cash
silver trees - the kingsbury manx
the lonely - british sea power
sleep the clock around - belle and sebastian (thanks craig!)

do you have any suggested autumn-related (though title, sound, etc.) tracks i should add to the playlist? if so, please mention them in the comments!


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