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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

and then thanksgiving was over

and one more year goes by when i don't eat turkey or stuffing, or gravy. but all was not lost. after helping the niffer's pa close the swimming pool with she, her bro and his ladypal, i went inside to talk to her grandfolks aboot the ipod and charley pride. dinner was pretty excellent and the after-nap was such as delightful.

in the end, i think superman looked like luthor.

we got more things done around the house this weekend, including finally assembling all of the new chairs, moving the piano, removing some non-essential junk to other places, and tackling the overwhelming dishes dilemma.

i finished one logo for the frankieshakes and did not exercise except when we walked downtown to meet pals for snacks and treats. we talked about music, clothes, our lives, and found out that one of our pals is pregnant with a baby. the next day we talked about babies ourselves and pretty much resigned to the idea that we'll either not have any, not have any right now, or adopt someone instead. which leaves us where we were in the beginning: undecided. i can't help but feel oddly about the babytalk. i know we're not ready at all to do anything like that just yet (we're relatively destitute at the moment), but the unintended pressure from our friends is worrying me to the point where i've an upset stomach when i really get down to thinking or talking about it.

i bought 2 pairs of cords on the weekend that were $10 each. wonderful. that is making me feel not so oddly now.

and oh dear! apple is making colour, photo-ready ipods! i'm not sure why people are overly excited about this. they just released new models a month ago or so. also, people have been saying that this would be happening for over a year. did you also hear that apple is making a new tabletMac_mc? wow! jeeze. give 'em a break and buy a new imac or sommat, willya?


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