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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

colour ipods and the a-team

i've read it elsewhere - the u2 ipod looks like the a-team van. i totally agree. except that i would add that the ipod is like the van with the twirl filter in photoshop set to "ugly". man, that thing looks like a reverse-coloured version of michael jackson's thriller jacket. it looks like a dragon i coloured in grade 5 that no one liked because "black doesn't go with red". might be because i don't like u2, but i don't like it.

i'm also not a fan of the ipod photo. no sync through iphoto? doesn't that seem like the hot thing to do? that's what iphoto is for, mm? i'm sure that the next ilife upgrade will feature that ability, however. at that time, the ipod will be silly, but at least understandable.

the idea of showing itunes album art with your music is clever, but hardly important. i don't use that feature at all in itunes. i'd use it, however, if itunes did something i've wanted it to do since the beginning - auto-grab the album art when you import a disc from amazon or somewhere. that would be great. i'm not about to go ahead and find the art. ugh.

what the ipod photo needs to do is ditch the album art thing and add the "show me the pictures of my goddam contacts, sucka" feature. that's the missing feature. photos are not. i'm not excited about it at all. i don't like the colours onscreen, or the way the battery icon looks. i'm a geek and i'm listening to the ramones and want it all my way.

please ignore this post. :)


Blogger The King of Kerwood said...

Everyone remembers the SECOND A-Team Van, not the first. The first A-Team van didn't have any black in it. Check out for proof.

hell, just check out the site.

October 28, 2004 at 11:41 PM  

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