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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


last night was the last class of my level html course. in 2 weeks i begin teaching level 2. from what i hear, they're really filling my classroom quickly, which is pretty exciting and fun. nearly all of my level 1 students will be taking level 2. that's neat because when i started, there were 3 people taking level 2 that were pre-signed up, and about 3 in my class who thought it might be fun when i asked on the first night.

level 2 covers things like frames, forms, and stylesheets. i think it should also cover imagemaps, but since i've already covered them, it's not important.

last night, exams and final assignments were handed in. i got all the exams marked while i was waiting there for some students to finish the test/project portion of it. no one failed. many got 30+/30. i love the bonus marks. and the fact that the exam was open book was nice. i did that (open-web as well, now that i think of it..) because if they're doing sites in the field they'll be referring to books and the web for help all the time. seemed fair at the time. level 2's class will be like that as well.

luckily, i've 2 weeks to design the level 2 part of the course, come up with content and slides and more. i've already got an idea or 2 of what i need to get done for it, i'll just have to construct it and move forward. i think i'll use different colours on my presentation slides this time too - a more "in-depth" set of hues that make it look more advanced. haha.


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