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Thursday, October 14, 2004

hp ipod tattoos

what an awesome idea for hp to sell printers for the new ipods they're selling! i think i'm going to release some special HellaBoss tattoos in the future, but i have a question about them that i'm not that you can answer: do the tattoos really stick to the ipod? how well do they stick? if i try to take them off, will it leave residue on HellaPod?

for firefox users, i've added a favicon to the segpub Hellaboss. ch-ch-check it out. one of the few things i don't like about safari is how it handles fav icons. aside from when you bookmark sites, is it possible to show fav icons by just going to a web site? i always seem to have a problem with this. anyone else?

and for that matter, have you ever seen a good full-power introduction and in-depth review of how mac os x handles fonts? not just "you can use fontbook to keep track of all the fonts you have on your machine". i mean, "why are there 3 folders of fonts on my machine and if i put a new font in any of the folders it sometimes doesn't show up anywhere, unless i activate it using extensis suitcase (even fontbook doesn't work in some cases)".



Blogger Frank said...

They look pretty cool.. Although I, too, would imagine that a sticky film would be left behind... Interesting nevertheless.

October 14, 2004 at 3:29 PM  

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