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Friday, October 08, 2004

iphun with iphoto

i never thought of this before, but have a look at this. the link points to a site where the author is talking about taking snapshots of web sites and saving them into iphoto.

now, i don't use iphoto, but this might be a good reason to start. it's pretty incredible how the smallest idea can change your entire outlook on a thing (in this case, my much-maligned iphoto).

to be honest, i used to use iphoto plenty. it was a great little tool to quickly collect all of my snapshots, publish them to the web or create slideshows while i'm away from the comp, or whatever. the new smartlists and rating system seems pretty cool (but requires the whole ilife package that i don't have).

after i went to flashinthecan 2003, took plenty of snaps, then went through and mis-deleted the entire set, i quit using it. i also hated the way the app organises snaps in subfolders by copying the images all the time if you create many folders. not only that, but the naming conventions made no sense. for example, in a folder you would find one called "2004". when it was 2003. inside that folder... well... it might be easier for me to show you this (an approximate path to folder 07 the way iphoto keeps things organised):

~mathew/pictures/iphoto library/2004/02/03/07

really makes no sense. i don't think i really sat down with it to figure out exactly what the naming bits meant, but what can you do?

another reason i wasn't big into iphoto was because of the aforementioned image cloning in all of those subdirectories if i created alternate libraries. i used to use an imac g3 400 (dv and tangerine) that the niffer now uses with only a 10g hard drive. i didn't have the space for duplicated images all over the place. the cloned images also served another confusing purpose: despite there being thumbs folders that sometimes contained images and othertimes contained .db files, i could never find what i was looking for. if i created a library folder called "trip to the zoo", i could not go stone cold into the iphoto folderset and find this path:

album/trip to the zoo

you can't find anything with it if you try to go through your images w/o using iphoto. unless you bleed obscure naming conventions (or invented the way iphoto names files).

so, i started using image capture when i gave up on iphoto.

image cap. detects the camera's connection, opens, downloads the images to my photos folder and sits there until i quit it. this is a great way to do things to make sure that i know where the images are and where i want to put 'em, but it's time-consuming and a bit of a bitch if there are tonnes of snaps to put away.

with image capture, i have the following folders set up:


and all the images go into subfolders i create based on what the images refer to. pictures taken at a special olympics soccer tourney, for example, go into:

events/special olympics - kitchener 2004

i think after that link i found, i will try iphoto again. the idea of snapping cool web sites for future reference is a pretty good one that would serve as a kind of pantone guide for styles.

ooh. that makes me think: what about a css-style-guide that's set up like iphoto? you work on a document and you can click a style from the "playlists" at the right and in a preview window, the styles are applied based on what code it finds to connect to? that would be pretty excellent. you could collect css docs from all over and keep 'em in there for your own reference. plus, you could work on a doc, and choose a style from your own collection and publish with it. very cool.

whew. all this said, how do you organise your images? do you use iphoto? image capture? or soemthing else? at work, i've taken to using extensis portfolio which is quite delightful, but have not bought it for the mac (yet).


Blogger Junkface said...

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October 8, 2004 at 11:02 AM  
Blogger Junkface said...

Hey, xPad is in that screenshot!

Anyway--about the directory structure, I agree with you. I think this may have changed a bit in 4 (iLife version), and I'll check tonight. But before 4 I do remember trying to find a photo outside of iPhoto and seeing LOTS of folders with non-sensical names.

Just so you know, though--I don't think iPhoto makes copies of photos when you put them in albums. I will confirm this, but I am 99% sure it follows the iTunes method and just creates references to the photos. There is really only one copy in your Library.

October 8, 2004 at 11:26 AM  
Blogger moy said...

g-low i think you're right. i think my beef was that i saw all these "pointers" and pooched 'em while cleaning up my system and that wiped all my snaps away. :(

October 8, 2004 at 12:06 PM  
Blogger Frank said...


Hehehe... I noticed that in the screenshot this morning too. It's a well-deserved design, so no doubt he'd have it in his collection.


I've never thought of using iPhoto in that way... Now I have something exciting to do over the weekend (apart from Thanksgiving Turkey!) ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (Canadians, that is!).

October 8, 2004 at 2:13 PM  
Blogger moy said...

yah, i hadn't thought of that either. if you look, there is also an "icons" folder in that app too that the user has created. i wonder if you can import icons into it?

if so, that would be rather brilliant. wish i was at home on garbo now to test it. tonight will be a big geeking night of working for the manno and seeing what you can do with iphoto.

i will post what i find as the weekend goes on.

October 8, 2004 at 2:20 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Hehehe... I like how you slipped "manno" into the mix! ;)

October 8, 2004 at 8:02 PM  
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