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Thursday, October 21, 2004

octothorpe et

i'm reading a book called the elements of typographic style by robert bringhurst (a canadian poet, by the by) that i got from veer after i placed and finalised the order for the photos i was talking aboot a couple of weeks ago. veer sent me that book, a book called f-stop designed up by stefan sagmiester, and a really slick veer messenger bag that i love to pieces (as i've been known to dry-hump hell-of the satchels).

the book is brilliant, if not a little overwhelming for someone with no formal type training. it's one of those books i'll have to read a couple of times to get it all. but, so far i've learned what an octothorpe is, the meaning behind ampersands, and the origins of the ·.

it's an excellent read tho. i often read books critically which doesn't help me retain the information inside. as i read a book, if i get to a part that has something like, "a myriad of" in the text, even if i continue reading the book (sometimes...), i don't take in any more information. if the author and editor are bad enough to let spelling errors into the text, it's not cool for me.

so when i've arrived at parts of this book, i've been hit with these same kinds of cerebral alerts. case in point: "twenty one night stands". i got to that and hit a mild hiccup because i wasn't sure what the author was talking about. 21 nightstands? lots of sex? a little confusing. in the next bit, he then explains how important punctuation and emphasis are in text vs. spoken word. try saying twenty one night stands out loud and change the emphasis on every word. you'll become either a poor salesman, or a hussy. and if you're still reading this, a hussy-geek (which won't be a terrible thing to tracinovich).

in other news, my level 1 class is almost over and the level 2 will be starting soon. next week is the final exam for the level 1 group and i've been threatened with a lawsuit if i grade the class (half-jokingly) instead of just passing everyone. hehe. adventures abound there! the teaching is going well, thanks for asking.

this saturday is game day in a-town! that's right, some lads (and lasses) and i are kicking it in aylmer to play/rent some games all day on saturday which is always a good time.

and the freelance work has been rolling in lately too, which is rather excellent. i've been asked for business cards 5x/week for the last month and i think i should really make some up. my pal leeroy works at a print shop and might be able to slip some of mine in under the wire. i'll let you know once i get 'em done up, mm?


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