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Friday, October 15, 2004


last night i performed an update on quicksilver and downloaded the latest version of quicksilver. then, like i had been before it, i attempted to send email via it and found i could not until i downloaded and installed the quicksilver address book plugin. there is something hallowe'eny about quickshiver, but since i just got it before bed last night, i've no idea what it is (aside from the oranje app icon). anyone here using quickshiver and see some neato treats and tricks?

today i should be getting the login info for network solutions for HellaBoss. today, pointers == changed and we'll officially have the domain pointing to the new server setup.

i came up with some great ideas for a client logo i'm working on too. and figured out what i'll be for hallowe'en. excellent.

the latest issue of macworld is pretty great. i love those "1000 great shareware apps you should give a look at" articles. but there are no mentions of xpad (there is voodoo pad), which is disappointing.


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