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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

yoshi takes a dive

recently, i've particularly begun to notice that when yoshi starts up in the morning, there is a knocking sound that goes away once i start up the bike with some gas. the bike only seems to make this sound when i start it up. aside from the normal sounds associated with engine-running, the only other sound i hear from yoshi is the occasional squealing of the brakes when i stop (i think there is dust and dirt in the brakes from all the construction they're doing on my street at home - i'll take a snap for you tonight so you can see what i mean..). the squealing sound drives me nuts, but it's pointless to get rid of it since it'll just come back after i leave my driveway and go onto the "street".

this morning's commute was just like any other trip to work. i got dressed, then chose what i would wear today since the weather outside is getting frightful. today i chose an old northern reflections polar fleece pullover for warmth, my new wind/water-breaker jacket to fight the chill, and my standard gloves and helment for safety (and warmth - that helmet can sure bake the bean!). oh, and my backpack.

i hit the garage and unloaded the yosher to the driveway/staging area. did a bit of a circle check (note: check) and got onboard. turned the key to on, held the brake like i always do, and hit the starter button. things started up as the normally do. when i turn the key to on, that knocking sound starts up softly and continues until i hit the starter button.

i took off for work as i normally do, riding slowly through the streets around my house to heat the engine up. then, i get to queens avenue and the fun begins. queens ave. is a long stretch of 1-way street that pretty much runs 1/2 way through the city, starting practically at my doorstep. the street runs through the downtown core, and turns into riverside drive. the ride was uneventful (in that i only had to use the horn once vs. an old lady in a land-whale who doesn't beleive that at her age, checking the blind spot is a required part of automobile legislation).

i took queens/riverside to hyde park road and started towards work. my commute is pretty basic. queens/riverside then hyde park. that's it. things we going fine and nothing detectibly different was up with yoshi. he was running smoothly. i was swerving out of the way of road-trenches and superscript potholes (unlike those car-driving suckas behind me who have to swerve to the shoulder to miss 'em).

i got to a major intersection (hyde park and gainsborough road) and stopped for the first time since before queen's ave turned into riverside at a stop light. while there, i heard yoshi clicking like nobody's business. it sounded like the regular knocking sound, but much more pronounced. angry, if i may so. i gave it some gas and the sound went away a bit.

i continued for the remaining 3 minute ride to work and stopped at the intersection that leads into my work, in the turning lane (on the left). as soon as i came to a complete stop, the engine quit out on me.


like that. without the sound effect. all i could hear was the turning signal clicking away. there was no throttle, no engine-related-i-don't-know-why-more-ladies-don't-get-scooters-because-of-this vibrations, or anything. i was a man on a dormant piece of machinery that was roughly 10 metres from my work parking lot. luckily, with noone coming the other way, i pulled it over to the side of the road and walked it to the lot (after turning it and the signal light off).

i mailed my wife, who called her mom, who is coming after work to pick me and yoshi up with the family f150 pickup truck. i've no idea how we'll get into the truck bed, but we'll have to do it. i teach tonight! i've also contacted a megastar scooter mechanic pal of mine (who i met through friendster) to see if he has any ideas what's up. now, the niffer's bro is also starmech material too, so we should be able to get things straightened out before i have to call hully gully (gaah!). we'll be taking it over to inglis cycle after work tonight. hopefully, things will be fixed up soon.

i just went outside at lunchtime to check the oil. things seem to be fine. i started the bike and it's knocking at me like i owe it back-taxes. dang. time does not heal all.

do you have any idea what's wrong with yoshi?


Blogger Matthew said...

*cough* It sounds like there is oil on the piston head...

Yeah, I have no clue what I'm talking about. Strike that!

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with Yoshi, though. Please let us know what the problem ends up being...I might soon have a Yoshi of my own.

October 5, 2004 at 2:27 PM  
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