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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


update: the isight shipped sunday night. arrived in canada this morning. likely arrived at my house at around noon. i was not home and will have to pick it up at a later date.

i've also been asked to continue teaching at fanshawe for the winter semester of this continuuing education course. very fun.

how have you been?

Monday, November 29, 2004

null and void

and after a good night's rest, you wake to find 2 messages in your inbox from apple:

"The following products shipped on 11/28/2004. Transit time will depend upon whether you have chosen standard or premium freight options. If your order is shipping standard freight, it should arrive within 12 days of shipment."

it's as though someone heard what i was saying last night and decided to go easy on me. anyways, within 12 days of shipment, i should have my isight. just in time for xmas. hopefully, this week (but am not counting on anything..).

Sunday, November 28, 2004

all of the sudden..

you hate blogger. you're *this* close to using your segpub mysql db to create your own customisable weblog that isn't controlled by blogger. updating the db is easy, but you're intimidated by not only letting others post, but also how you are ever going to figure out how to archive items. your day was terrible. scanning photos for your boss made your scanner break (!?) and you got in a spat with your darling wife and neither of you is comfortable enough to talk. and it's 11.30pm. you just remembered that next saturday you've been asked to speak at fanshawe college to a class on web design and you whipped up a presentation that you hope they will like, but don't really care whether they will or not. you released your students' final project notes to them today. you charged your ipod. you watched your isight order say "we will ship the camera you bought on or before the 26th" and notice that there is no "it's been shipped, sucka" message anywhere. you have eaten a small bowl of popcorn all day, about 5 minutes ago because you felt like you were going to be sick. you bought and broke a replacement windshield wiper blade because you've never installed them before and the hyundai accent instruction manual does not tell you how to replace them. your cats started (and somehow resolved) world war 3. you finally got around to ripping rancid: out come the wolves. you wrote a php script that takes info from a form and updates the sql table it's connected to. you've not chatted with anyone all weekend and realised that outside of the internet, you've no really "close, bestest friends". you're posting mopey blog entries, cleaning your desk, lamenting the return of the new digital camera you borrowed for the weekend, wish you had your isight, hope that your presentation on the weekend will go well, and figured out how to control every button your presentation from the actions layer so that you don't have to put on(release){_root.clipName_mc.gotoAndStop(5);} for every item - you can now just put trans_btn.onRelease=function(){gotoAndStop._currentFrame+1;} instead. or something like that. it's late and you're tired. and hungry. and a jerk. hopefully tomorrow will go better?

2 days late

normally i wouldn't post about anything this personal, but seeing as it affects both of our lives, this is pretty big.

my isight's shipping date is 2 days overdue.

this morning when i went to check my status, i got a "sorry, you can't access this thing" message, which isn't cool at all. this same sort of thing happened to me when i ordered garbo. in that case however, i was all over upping the hard drive from 40 to 80 gigs in size (yesterday i noticed that i've used 40 of the 80 gigs already! time to get a backup on).

i'm really looking forward to getting the isight and thinking of all the cool things i can do with it. i'm beginning to pine for a laptop as well so that i could turn the isight into a portable camcorder. for now tho, i'm going to be happy with it, chatting with clients, etc. about projects and things in real-time.

i know this is bad, but i'm also looking at delicious monster too. we lend out a lot of dvds, cds, games, etc. a system to org them would be very excellent.

Friday, November 26, 2004


there should be an option to "overwrite the rest of the files in this que list" option in filezilla. as it stands, you're forced to click a box that makes the app overwrite all the next files, but it doesn't quit after that. it seems that you have to back into the prefs to change it.

"overwrite remainder". that's all i want.

jobs and jibs

last night we had our pre-seasong special olympics soccer coach meeting at tim horton's (now a tradition for me). we talked about players, our rosters, athletes we hoped were coming back to play again this year, and remembered events of the past year and had some good laughs. at the end of the meeting, we were all excited about the upcoming year and things we could do.

namely, we've decided to host a special olympics soccer tournament in london. the forest city hasn't hosted such an event in ~10 years. coming from the city that invented the special olympics, that seems wrong.

so, while sitting there, we started planning and talking about fields we could play on and that we should reserve for the tourney. we're looking at hosting in 2006 so we're going to book fields, refs, etc. now.

as i sat that i started to get excited (as i always do) about the event. i started suggesting that we start to brainstorm re: people we might be able to get to sponsor our event (regardless of how they could/would do it). the more i talked, the more everyone's eyes perked up. at the end, i was nominated to be in charge of planning the tournament. 3 of the 4 of us voted me into that position. to be honest, there were no "nays".

now i'm planning a provincial-level soccer tournament.

you should know that i've created a soccer league for people who don't play soccer at all. we play every saturday in wortley village at 1pm, rain or shine, 365 days of the year (i've been away for a while, but am back now in full force - hi adam!).

i'm certainly keen on soccer, but have never planned a tournament before. especially one that is at the provincial level. especially one that not only requires me to plan the event, but also requires me to work out sponsorship, venues, volunteers, press, etc. it's going to be a huge to-do and i've already started the guest list of attendees in my head. this weekend will be a big brainstorming session with emails flying around to the other coaches. i'm certainly looking foward to planning such a terrific event.

isight order is still open on what's going on, apple? taking a holiday or something? ;)

back to work!

as a special gift for all the usa-kids who are holidays today, i'm going to give you a thanksgiving present. it's part of my level-two class' final assignment. they've building a web site for a fictional rock band i've made up called, "los diablos". i made that tune with apple's garageband app. it's silly, but fun. los diablos roxxor!

<edit 2>
i was worried when i found out that apple was having a black friday shopping event online. i figured that they'd offer the isight for cheap and i'd be messed. luckily that isn't the case. they've got imac g5s for the cheap tho, and some great cheap(er) ipod gear too. no socks tho. :(
</edit 2>

Thursday, November 25, 2004

i had you in mi sights

last night i bought an isight from the last time i used the store was when i bought garbo (my emac) and i must say that the entire process is just as good as i remember. it's broken down into many easy-to-follow steps, alerts you to print the page for your records (i printed it and printed it as a pdf just to be safe), and quickly sends you email to tell you that your order is being processed, etc. it's like they took a page from 37signals or something.

freelance work continues unabated, as does full-time work which is going swimmingly. the first snow of the year to stick around has arrived today and i love it very much. i can't get enough of this snow stuff. i mean, sure it's rough to shovel and things get cold, but i like walking around in 4 layers of clothing. i like sleeping under 10 layers of blankets (now, 5 layers with all this "new windows" jazz!). i like watching beads of snow snake across lanes of frozen ashphault. for me, snow is great.

to those who aren't keen on snow, might i suggest that you move? if you come to or live in canada and hate the snow, you're in the wrong place. sorry i'm just being honest (unless you can keep convincing ohio to keep up the pollution so that we get less snow and less rain next year again - but then you'd have to deal with thousands of angry farmers..).

i was just looking at the apple student blog and noticed that nothing's changed. who are they getting to write their blog? i would expect this to be updatded a few times a day by many students. i think it would also benefit by being updated by teachers and it staffers as well. it would be nice to read, "fixed 40 windows laptops today. no serious mac problems to worry about" over and over and over and over again. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

no-features, sherlock

apple announces a new college-aimed site to dispell pc vs. mac myths and, natch, sell macs. on the productivity banner, they suggest you use sherlock to find answers to questions you need to know. the question i post to you is this:

do you actually use sherlock during your day-to-day work/at all?

if so, please say how/why/etc. in the comments.

i don't use it all. it's the first thing i drag off of my dock after the quicktime player when i first get my hands on a new mac. maybe i'm missing something. a lot of the features don't work in canada, however. this includes the "get a map to where you want to go" feature that (at last glance, which was admittedly about 2 years ago!) didn't pull up canadian lists and film listings too. the only feature that was worth using was dictionary that i could see.

anyways, make a post or 2 about sherlock and i'll try it out tonight to see if i like it again.

i've got to say tho that the most interesting part of this new minisite is (in addition to the flash..) the "student blog". hopefully nothing like what happened via real's "we illegally hacked apple's code and then tried to sell what we found as though we didn't and you need to voice your opinion against those jerks at apple at this web site but once you start posting bad comments about us and our products, we shut it down!" think will happen there.

Monday, November 22, 2004

what is wrong with this picture?

what is wrong with this picture?

on the advise of a site i read all the time, i decided to download this shiny new app called ulysses and give it a whirl. please have a look at this image. i know it's small, but if you know your mac, you can tell me what's so wrong/confusing/etc. about the image/ulysses. i'll tell you what it is tomorrow.

have a great night!

6 feet over?

we're 2.5 discs into the first season of 6 feet under. i'd seen much of the series, but quit watching after showcase started showing the same episode 3 times in an attempt to fill the entire season with the series. there were ~8 episodes that had to stretch over 5 months. that meant that they would show episode one 3 times in a row, then episode two, and so on. the entire time i was wondering why they didn't just show the series, then repeat it at the end instead of dupe-ing them over and over and over. anyways, in the end they lost me and i missed out on the last 6 episodes i think. anyways, i'm catching up and having fun with our marathon pals while doing it. last night's fingerfood feast was delightful.

my favourite character on the show so far is nicholai if you're interested.

freelance for frankieshakes is almost done (tonight, officially) and payment, then a subsequent isight cam will come next. that way we can do even more freelance work together and be in contact the whole time. geeky, i know, but what can you do.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

insurance, pdf, and rock and roll

the constantines and call the office

last night we hit up a rock show with tom and nathalie (and then matt porter and adam and merideth!) by the "please check the foundation of call the office because i think the building's about to fall down they're rocking the place so hard" canadian indierock (and juno-nominated) kit the constantines.

they were incredble. anyone who is killer then 3/4 the way through the show takes off their clothes to continue gets the full-on moy salute. when their father and grandfather came to watch and they still do it, the double salute.

i'm pitching them a new web site at tom's request. he doesn't like theirs much. i actually sat down with the lead singer who started asking me about the web and if there were any web sites that blew off my pants. i tried to think of a couple, but i never can when put on the spot like that. he asked me if i saw the site of the polyphonic spree. i had and it was fun to connect with the singer of a band you're going to watch.

my pal raph got his business broken into last night. i know no other details except that he's currently (natch) flustered aboot the whole situation. he called me today to ask/make sure i still had the files i'd miraculously repaired last night. i do. i'm aboot to burn them on ceedee and get 'em ready for transport. with all that missing computer equipment (his company is called primeweb - i'm currently pitching a new site to him as well, though that might be backburnered now..) i certainly hope he's insurance.

soccer today will be wet and fun. a few folks from the rock show last night. believe it or not, i've an xmas dinner to go to tonight with some family and then we're back home for a 6-feet under marathon (which i think is ironic seeing as kaarlo died earlier this week) until the wee hours.

in other news, i'm working on quite a few projects now and the ritalin seems to be keeping me sailing straight and smoothly through the choppy waters of confusion and add. i'm finishing up some logos for frankieshakes, a bottle label for raph (just a resave/recreate, not a design at all), a mysql video game classification system at HellaBoss (okay..), and 2 entirely new projects with garrett. we've been brainstorming ideas back and forth for the last few days. at this time i certainly can't forget that i'm talking with matthew about another web site, and ronan about some os x icons for an application he's building.

$moy == busy | geek;


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

on the topic of ritalin

yesterday i took the first pill. after a physical, my doc made me a perscription for it. i've 3 weeks of pills before i have to report to him on what happened and how things are. i'm going to continue with it until the end and see what's what. if nothing good's up i'll talk to him about it and suggest that frank's lady knows of some hot herbal love that i could take.

so far tho, so good. i felt the effects right away. sorta.

it's hard to detect the effects unless you're really paying attention, which, as the pill's effects grew, so did my concentration. i'm going to test it more today, but i was certainly able to remain more focussed on the task at hand yesterday at work. i also lost my appetite yesterday too and ate nothing before bed. i just wasn't hungry. this morning tho, i could eat tofu bugs off the ground i'm so hungry.

frank: i got those logos and they are terrible. but i'll try to work with them. :)

time for some breakfast!

Monday, November 15, 2004

from one minute to the next

my life was going well today. i'd been out of the office all day at a terrible conference on powerpoint and i got home, only to go out again to the niffer's ma's place for a foot massage. i got home and relaxed with her before going for a nice bath.

just before getting in, i found out through a call from my pal tom that my friend Kaarlo had died (possibly today). wow. i've been crying on and off ever since (it's been about 1 hour since i found out).

Kaarlo was a very decent guy. we met while playing soccer (i created a soccer league for people who don't play soccer) through tom and nathalie. he was originally from finland. he worked at the university radio station and was "the voice of the western mustangs". we went curling together and saw the occasional film.

i remember how nice he was: giving me rides home from soccer, chatting it up even when we didn't really know each other in the early days, actually laughing at my terrible jokes. he was one of those people that you don't know well, but you feel like you'd known since you both were in grade 2 after his family came to canada from finland. he was an instant friend. you instantly felt a connection. he was quiet but not afraid to get in your grill if you dissed nathalie on the field.

he was the "finnish mudslide", a nickname i'd given to him relating to his propensity to sliding around on the muddy soccer fields and falling down at least once per game, and always in particularly spectacular (mud clumps spinning into the air) shows of one-legged acrobatics. he'd get up, bleeding from the shins, the elbows, missing his glasses, and shirt half-caked in mud. he'd wipe off the front of the shorts and if you said, "Kaarlo! that looks painful!" he'd say, "yeah, it is" smile and run off only to get the ball, juggle it past 3 defenders, tap it in the goal with the heel of his foot as he faced in the opposite direction, and then fall into the mud in the crease, taking 3 people with him. he won our "injury of the week" award (that i kinda created just for him to be honest) more times than anyone else.

Kaarlo was a great guy. i am very pleased to have known him and consider him to be one of my close friends. i learned to curl with him, he was there at soccer from the start, and i loved to listen to the mustang ads on the radio just to hear his voice.

Kaarlo's memory is just as great as he was. i already miss you terribly.

yet another..

another weblog for you to bookmark and add to your faves: the niffer's got a blog going and you can find it here: the niffer. please make sure to make a post over there and say hello to her! no blogger account is required to do so, so you betta gets to steppin'!

in other news, HellaBoss is going well.

Friday, November 12, 2004

using crystal ftp...

..should be against the law.

when i started working where i work now, i bought all the software i'd need to do my job with the company credit card. one of those packages was called crystal ftp up on the advice of a "friend" (haha, hi garrett!). since installing it, it's crashed out on my almost weekly, and disconnects when after i've maintained a server connection for more than 5 minutes.

let's break this down, starting with the disconnects, then the crashing.

the application disconnects me from my server every 5 minutes or so. once in a while. at least 1 time per session. there are no alerts, and sometimes there is no message to tell you that you're not connected. the only way you can tell that you're not connected is when you try to upload a file to the server and it doesn't move at all. even then, there is no "whoops! sorry, i've dropped your connection again." message.

i understand the concept of dropping connections as a security measure that helps to keep user's computers protected from wandering people (though since all the links are bookmarked in the app, anyone can access them anyways). if that were the case, there should be a preference somewhere that lets you set the disconnect time: "5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, never" or something like that. unless i'm a crackhead, there is not a preference that i can find that lets you do that. as a matter of fact, there is a preference that boasts "anti-timeout" that lets you send a pulse to the server to prevent timeouts. it doesn't work.

re: the crashing. man, this thing crashes (i'm using windows xp) all the time. the most spectacular crash is when the app has disconnected from the server, you don't realise it (because not only the title bar [where it normally tells you if you're connected or not] nor the log window updates with any frequency at all), and you drag and drop a file from "your stuff" to "their stuff" (note: it's not called that, panic's excellent transmit app is and i miss it terribly). the app hangs at that moment. there isn't an undo" option in mid-transfer, even if you're not connected.

the crash is painful. it freezes the application. i can't click anything there until it's done doing whatever it is that it's doing. once it's done (if it even finishes), you can close the app the normal way (which i always do since i like to start from scratch instead of slagging through the errors).

if you do that, however, it crashes out on you. even control+alt+delete doesn't work. you hit that, choose crystal ftp and if you're lucky, the app quits. if not, you hard reset the entire machine because no other dialogues work either.

casdk's technical support is equally as responsive. i've sent 3 emails to them over the course of 3 weeks and have recieved absolutely no response. no "we'll get back to you in a few minutes", no nothing. as of this writing, i'm still waiting.

so, i'm looking for a new ftp app. garrett (hi again!) has since told me that he's gone back to cuteftp and likes it. i'm looking for tight windows ftp apps that don't crash out or cripple the entire system.

what do you suggest?


yesterday after i posted about the ipod socks, i hit it for home and when i got there, i checked out macblog (which i've bookmarked at home, but not here at work for some reason). i mailed emma aboot the coincidence.

anyways, macblog had as their latest post an article about ipod socks too! this sock thing is getting really popular.

checkers came home yesterday and he is such as cute. i am all over this little bizzle. natch, he's all top secret and hiding out while he gets used to the sounds in the house. he certainly hasn't make any photo shoots to speak of so there are no snaps yet.

i also keep forgetting to unplug my ipod when i put the computer to sleep at night. it's killing me slowly with no songs. killing me slowly. killing.. well, you get the idea. the thing is that when the ipod is connected to the computer while it's asleep (especially all night long, all night), the pod's battery drains for some reason. i'm going to look into this on apple's web site.

anyway, this morning i got this idea to write a script that detects when the drive "hellapod" is connected to the computer and reminds me to eject it. natch, that won't work if the pod is already ejected but isn't disconnected, but for now i think that's just fine. it'll be a tiny applescript that hides in the background and waits for the "sleep" action. once it detects it, it'll flash up in huge, honkin' letters (with the quicksilver-esque bezel, addressbook "large type", etc.) "don't forget to unplug $drivename, sucka". like that.

$drivename is important. specifying it as $drivename means that i'll be able to get a new drive name depending on the device plugged in.

i've also started my xmas list and on it is black and decker's bull's eye laser level and stud finder (which'll always point at me, natch). of all the tools i could get this xmas, this would be one that we'd actually use. i'd likely end up using it too much, and go around squaring everything in the house up.

also, with some hella cash i'll be getting after doing some work with my new partner in crime, frank, i'm thinking of scoring an isight digicam. i've always wanted one and now might be the perfect time to get one. do you have an isight? how do you use it? what do you use it for? i think it's going to be isight and bbedit 8 time. each time i do another freelance job, i'm going to *gasp* buy more software and goodies. then, "sock" half of it away for other things (like checkers' future).

<HellaBoss update>
HellaBoss is being developed into something worthwhile! hooray! i've begun the interview process last night with a good pal of mine who builds os x applications. i've actually started to develop HellaBoss mockups that are lasting well into today (i'm actually thinking about them today and i want to keep working on them while at work). anyways, more to come, but suffice it to say that HellaBoss will be an interesting place in the coming year.
</HellaBoss update>

Thursday, November 11, 2004

the sock. hint, hint.

also, i've figured out the ipod photo and iphoto thing. natch, they're not using iphoto. windows users who don't have iphoto but buy an ipod photo wouldn't be able to use it. since they've already got itunes, they certainly can. plain jane. overlook my previous questions about it. though, don't overlook my dislike of the a-team/thriller jacket thing.

the ipod socks look fun, but i've a feeling i can make one for myself.

they're silly things though. at first i didn't like them and thought that it was the gap board-member's outlook on the whole thing and wanting to get 'em into their stores too. why do i need a knitted sock for my ipod? for that matter, why do i need 6 of them (they come in packs of 6)?

apple's site says, "Forgive us if we're stating the obvious, but here's how it works: Just slide your iPod into the sock to keep it safe and warm. Slide it out to dock or change playlists. It's as easy as... putting on a pair of socks." Other sites say they're waiting for the sweatsock versions of the footwear cum playerwraps with their tongues in cheek.

keeping the ipod warm is something i've been thinking aboot lately. what with our incredibly cold canadian winters, any kind of warmth you can provide to an ipod is a good idea. the apple site says that the newest regular ipods require an operating temperature of 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) and -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) when not operating. with that in mind, the sock is a great idea. i'm not sure about yours, but my ipod kicks off some heat when it's working and the sock'd be able to retain the heat a bit to help it out.

to interrupt, i keep my ipod in the inner pocket of my jacket to keep it warm too.

anyways, i'm not sure how many of you've used gameboys, etc. in cold temperatures or brought them in from the car and watched the screen fade back into focus and contrast as the lcd warms up. my ipod has experienced a slight rainbowing effect if i hold it in certain directions as the unit warms up. the last thing i need to do is get the display more messed up by cold.

so for heat retention, the ipod sock is a good idea.

from colour standpoints, they're pretty chic too (well more ghic© mathew hoy 2004) and reflect the latest sarah jessica parker/broderick and lenny kravitz gap commercial to a tee. at $30/sock, you're paying $5 each. that's a pretty good deal. it's not often you find apple products for under $10. for those faithful followers with one of every ipod, the socks would make great holders for every version of the pod to date. the socks would make good digital camera bags too for the keeners out there with smaller cams.

another area where the trivial socks would be of benefit is in protection. i know, i know - they're knitted socks, how can they protect anything? the idea is a pretty basic one and one that anyone like me who is hella clumsy can appreciate. if you can't relate, i'll tell a tale of (almost ) woe. my digital camera was once in a pocket of my jacket and after a lunchtime session of photo shooting, i was getting out of the car and leaned over too far. the sleek camera (now hella-bulky, but whatever) slid out of my pocket and landed with a kay-runch on ashphault. luckily, it didn't break and works well to this very day (there are ~3 pixels busted in the display. it's an olympus d510z if you're interested to know. olympus makes great cams, rest assured - a fact that was proven to me when my pal jovino showed me his when he came up to toronto to kick it for a few). anyways, slam. crack. the case split apart a bit but all was not lost.

i'm sure that if i had my ipod in the sock and it (gasp) fell out of my pocket, it wouldn't smash as harshly as the ipod would with its sleek case. i'd need to get one or 2 to test the theory for sure (hint, hint apple...). for that matter, the "grip" created by the knitted sock would "anchor" it into the pocket in my jacket, which would remove the sock's ability to slick out of the jacket pocket. in thinking about it however, velcro at the top would likely help (but might scratch the plastic a bit) to keep the top of the sock closed.

so the sock has a few excellent uses, rather than the plain "buy even more ipod gear" marketing machine that apple is famous for. it's warm, a good container, and offers protection and shock-absorption to precious (and expensive) ipods.

that said, and before confirming it, i've an idea for apple. and that is that they should consider getting local shelters, etc. to make the ipod cozies from scratch. employ local homeless people in local shelters and have them make the socks. then, share some of the profits with the shelters. a good way to help the community and give people a) things to do and b) better shelters. or hit up an old folks home that's stocked to the rafters with ancient knitting grannies who can make them too. they need things to do.

or for that matter (when d gets it going, employ the gang of kids at kn1t to make some designer socks. i can't wait until they start up the ipod sock challenge over there (and if there isn't one coming there, one might come here [or at HellaBoss]).

anyways, get a sock.

ps: they'd also be good to have if you've lots of adult content on your ipod photo as well, but we won't get into that. ;)


firefox 1.0 is out. i'm telling my students all about it, how great it is, etc. i've downloaded it for mac and love it lots (though i'm not sure i can bail on safari as my browser, though i use ff to check gmail since it seems to be faster than safari at doing that - any idea why?).

i've been using firefox on pc exclusively for a while now. at least 1 year. i was using it when it was called phoenix and was using mozilla before that.

one thing that i've noticed, but keep forgetting is an error that i seem to get once in a while when a site doesn't come up for whatever reason. have a look at this image:

looking for looking for looking for

you should know that for whatever reason, about 25 seconds before i noticed this, the browser'd given me a "unable to resolve" message. the wheel wasn't spinning. the status bar'd quit. wasn't coming up. and for that matter, once i got the message, i closed that tab, which dumped me to the current document (which was this, by the way).

yet, in the current page's status area, this message remained, telling me that it's still looking for even after it'd quit doing so. and even after i'd asked it to quit doing so. but apparently, it's doing so.

i don't like to be a stick in the mud, but i think i've found a bug in firefox (unless the browser's still looking for a domain it wasn't able to find before, just to "say that it can"). firefox seems to be a stubborn beast.

has anyone else found any errors or bugs in firefox that they're not sure of? if so, please post those errors in the message area (no reg. required) so we can figure out if they're bugs or not, or alert the ff crew aboot it. even though there's a bugzilla component or whatever. let's tawk, mm?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

tuesday morning

last night i caught a mouse in our house. our cats were chasing it around for about 20 minutes, being completely oblivious to it until they finally sort of cornered it and just watched it for 5 minutes. i caught it in a plastic container and took it outside. i suppose it was mean since it's snowing out there, but mice is mice and i do subscribe to the survival of the fittest theory.

then again, we're getting a guinea pig. at the humane shelter, his name is sage. that name is dumb. we're calling him checkers. we hope he doesn't mind. he was taken to the humane shelter after someone abandoned him last winter outside. jerks. ain' nobody doin' nothin' to my checkers. it's all the niffer's idea too - she had a pig for a while and when she died (the pig), she wanted to replace it. last night before bed we were talking about checkers and this morning too. we were wondering what checkers is up to, what he's thinking about, etc. oh, silly checkers. i will try to post some pictures when we pick him up later this week (background check and all).

yesterday's snow stuck around! hooray!

Monday, November 08, 2004

teaching, level 2

i've been working on HellaBoss a bit this weekend. and start teaching again tomorrow night (html level 2).