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Sunday, November 28, 2004

2 days late

normally i wouldn't post about anything this personal, but seeing as it affects both of our lives, this is pretty big.

my isight's shipping date is 2 days overdue.

this morning when i went to check my status, i got a "sorry, you can't access this thing" message, which isn't cool at all. this same sort of thing happened to me when i ordered garbo. in that case however, i was all over upping the hard drive from 40 to 80 gigs in size (yesterday i noticed that i've used 40 of the 80 gigs already! time to get a backup on).

i'm really looking forward to getting the isight and thinking of all the cool things i can do with it. i'm beginning to pine for a laptop as well so that i could turn the isight into a portable camcorder. for now tho, i'm going to be happy with it, chatting with clients, etc. about projects and things in real-time.

i know this is bad, but i'm also looking at delicious monster too. we lend out a lot of dvds, cds, games, etc. a system to org them would be very excellent.


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