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Thursday, November 11, 2004


firefox 1.0 is out. i'm telling my students all about it, how great it is, etc. i've downloaded it for mac and love it lots (though i'm not sure i can bail on safari as my browser, though i use ff to check gmail since it seems to be faster than safari at doing that - any idea why?).

i've been using firefox on pc exclusively for a while now. at least 1 year. i was using it when it was called phoenix and was using mozilla before that.

one thing that i've noticed, but keep forgetting is an error that i seem to get once in a while when a site doesn't come up for whatever reason. have a look at this image:

looking for looking for looking for

you should know that for whatever reason, about 25 seconds before i noticed this, the browser'd given me a "unable to resolve" message. the wheel wasn't spinning. the status bar'd quit. wasn't coming up. and for that matter, once i got the message, i closed that tab, which dumped me to the current document (which was this, by the way).

yet, in the current page's status area, this message remained, telling me that it's still looking for even after it'd quit doing so. and even after i'd asked it to quit doing so. but apparently, it's doing so.

i don't like to be a stick in the mud, but i think i've found a bug in firefox (unless the browser's still looking for a domain it wasn't able to find before, just to "say that it can"). firefox seems to be a stubborn beast.

has anyone else found any errors or bugs in firefox that they're not sure of? if so, please post those errors in the message area (no reg. required) so we can figure out if they're bugs or not, or alert the ff crew aboot it. even though there's a bugzilla component or whatever. let's tawk, mm?


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