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Monday, November 15, 2004

from one minute to the next

my life was going well today. i'd been out of the office all day at a terrible conference on powerpoint and i got home, only to go out again to the niffer's ma's place for a foot massage. i got home and relaxed with her before going for a nice bath.

just before getting in, i found out through a call from my pal tom that my friend Kaarlo had died (possibly today). wow. i've been crying on and off ever since (it's been about 1 hour since i found out).

Kaarlo was a very decent guy. we met while playing soccer (i created a soccer league for people who don't play soccer) through tom and nathalie. he was originally from finland. he worked at the university radio station and was "the voice of the western mustangs". we went curling together and saw the occasional film.

i remember how nice he was: giving me rides home from soccer, chatting it up even when we didn't really know each other in the early days, actually laughing at my terrible jokes. he was one of those people that you don't know well, but you feel like you'd known since you both were in grade 2 after his family came to canada from finland. he was an instant friend. you instantly felt a connection. he was quiet but not afraid to get in your grill if you dissed nathalie on the field.

he was the "finnish mudslide", a nickname i'd given to him relating to his propensity to sliding around on the muddy soccer fields and falling down at least once per game, and always in particularly spectacular (mud clumps spinning into the air) shows of one-legged acrobatics. he'd get up, bleeding from the shins, the elbows, missing his glasses, and shirt half-caked in mud. he'd wipe off the front of the shorts and if you said, "Kaarlo! that looks painful!" he'd say, "yeah, it is" smile and run off only to get the ball, juggle it past 3 defenders, tap it in the goal with the heel of his foot as he faced in the opposite direction, and then fall into the mud in the crease, taking 3 people with him. he won our "injury of the week" award (that i kinda created just for him to be honest) more times than anyone else.

Kaarlo was a great guy. i am very pleased to have known him and consider him to be one of my close friends. i learned to curl with him, he was there at soccer from the start, and i loved to listen to the mustang ads on the radio just to hear his voice.

Kaarlo's memory is just as great as he was. i already miss you terribly.


Blogger Tracy said...

That's horrible - I must have met him at least once, but I don't really remember. It's hard to think of things to say. Hugs for ya, moy.

November 16, 2004 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Wow... I'm at a loss for words. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

November 16, 2004 at 11:06 AM  

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