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Saturday, November 20, 2004

insurance, pdf, and rock and roll

the constantines and call the office

last night we hit up a rock show with tom and nathalie (and then matt porter and adam and merideth!) by the "please check the foundation of call the office because i think the building's about to fall down they're rocking the place so hard" canadian indierock (and juno-nominated) kit the constantines.

they were incredble. anyone who is killer then 3/4 the way through the show takes off their clothes to continue gets the full-on moy salute. when their father and grandfather came to watch and they still do it, the double salute.

i'm pitching them a new web site at tom's request. he doesn't like theirs much. i actually sat down with the lead singer who started asking me about the web and if there were any web sites that blew off my pants. i tried to think of a couple, but i never can when put on the spot like that. he asked me if i saw the site of the polyphonic spree. i had and it was fun to connect with the singer of a band you're going to watch.

my pal raph got his business broken into last night. i know no other details except that he's currently (natch) flustered aboot the whole situation. he called me today to ask/make sure i still had the files i'd miraculously repaired last night. i do. i'm aboot to burn them on ceedee and get 'em ready for transport. with all that missing computer equipment (his company is called primeweb - i'm currently pitching a new site to him as well, though that might be backburnered now..) i certainly hope he's insurance.

soccer today will be wet and fun. a few folks from the rock show last night. believe it or not, i've an xmas dinner to go to tonight with some family and then we're back home for a 6-feet under marathon (which i think is ironic seeing as kaarlo died earlier this week) until the wee hours.

in other news, i'm working on quite a few projects now and the ritalin seems to be keeping me sailing straight and smoothly through the choppy waters of confusion and add. i'm finishing up some logos for frankieshakes, a bottle label for raph (just a resave/recreate, not a design at all), a mysql video game classification system at HellaBoss (okay..), and 2 entirely new projects with garrett. we've been brainstorming ideas back and forth for the last few days. at this time i certainly can't forget that i'm talking with matthew about another web site, and ronan about some os x icons for an application he's building.

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Blogger Matthew said...

Six Feet Under is the greatest. I won't say anything if you're behind, but this latest season

So sad that this next season will be its last :( Both SFU and Sopranos on the way out. Deadwood is certainly a great show but it needs another drama to help fill the gap that the other two will leave. I hear of some great programs in the works, but I won't be a spoiler.

November 20, 2004 at 5:12 PM  
Blogger moy said...

ohyah, we're behind. in canada there has only been 1 season broadcast. that's it. tonight we're watching the first season (and maybe tomorrow too!). whew!

how many seasons are there? jeeze, we're hella behind!

November 20, 2004 at 9:35 PM  
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