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Friday, November 26, 2004

jobs and jibs

last night we had our pre-seasong special olympics soccer coach meeting at tim horton's (now a tradition for me). we talked about players, our rosters, athletes we hoped were coming back to play again this year, and remembered events of the past year and had some good laughs. at the end of the meeting, we were all excited about the upcoming year and things we could do.

namely, we've decided to host a special olympics soccer tournament in london. the forest city hasn't hosted such an event in ~10 years. coming from the city that invented the special olympics, that seems wrong.

so, while sitting there, we started planning and talking about fields we could play on and that we should reserve for the tourney. we're looking at hosting in 2006 so we're going to book fields, refs, etc. now.

as i sat that i started to get excited (as i always do) about the event. i started suggesting that we start to brainstorm re: people we might be able to get to sponsor our event (regardless of how they could/would do it). the more i talked, the more everyone's eyes perked up. at the end, i was nominated to be in charge of planning the tournament. 3 of the 4 of us voted me into that position. to be honest, there were no "nays".

now i'm planning a provincial-level soccer tournament.

you should know that i've created a soccer league for people who don't play soccer at all. we play every saturday in wortley village at 1pm, rain or shine, 365 days of the year (i've been away for a while, but am back now in full force - hi adam!).

i'm certainly keen on soccer, but have never planned a tournament before. especially one that is at the provincial level. especially one that not only requires me to plan the event, but also requires me to work out sponsorship, venues, volunteers, press, etc. it's going to be a huge to-do and i've already started the guest list of attendees in my head. this weekend will be a big brainstorming session with emails flying around to the other coaches. i'm certainly looking foward to planning such a terrific event.

isight order is still open on what's going on, apple? taking a holiday or something? ;)

back to work!

as a special gift for all the usa-kids who are holidays today, i'm going to give you a thanksgiving present. it's part of my level-two class' final assignment. they've building a web site for a fictional rock band i've made up called, "los diablos". i made that tune with apple's garageband app. it's silly, but fun. los diablos roxxor!

<edit 2>
i was worried when i found out that apple was having a black friday shopping event online. i figured that they'd offer the isight for cheap and i'd be messed. luckily that isn't the case. they've got imac g5s for the cheap tho, and some great cheap(er) ipod gear too. no socks tho. :(
</edit 2>


Blogger The King of Kerwood said...

Ah, there should be more fake bands out there.

November 26, 2004 at 11:53 AM  
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