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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

no-features, sherlock

apple announces a new college-aimed site to dispell pc vs. mac myths and, natch, sell macs. on the productivity banner, they suggest you use sherlock to find answers to questions you need to know. the question i post to you is this:

do you actually use sherlock during your day-to-day work/at all?

if so, please say how/why/etc. in the comments.

i don't use it all. it's the first thing i drag off of my dock after the quicktime player when i first get my hands on a new mac. maybe i'm missing something. a lot of the features don't work in canada, however. this includes the "get a map to where you want to go" feature that (at last glance, which was admittedly about 2 years ago!) didn't pull up canadian lists and film listings too. the only feature that was worth using was dictionary that i could see.

anyways, make a post or 2 about sherlock and i'll try it out tonight to see if i like it again.

i've got to say tho that the most interesting part of this new minisite is (in addition to the flash..) the "student blog". hopefully nothing like what happened via real's "we illegally hacked apple's code and then tried to sell what we found as though we didn't and you need to voice your opinion against those jerks at apple at this web site but once you start posting bad comments about us and our products, we shut it down!" think will happen there.


Blogger Matthew said...

The higher education site is sorta nifty. Not so sure that it'll take off in the blog department, but we'll see. I think the design is hip and happening for the younger generation of tech savvy students, so who knows!

I use Sherlock every once in a while for translations, flights and movie times. I can't say I've done much else with it. Definitely not Dock-worthy. I sure hope they pound out Sherlock's purpose a bit better in Tiger.

November 23, 2004 at 4:07 PM  
Blogger moy said...

matthew, last night i kicked the sherlock can to see what was under the hood as it were.

from what i could tell, it's even worse than it's been in the past with the ability to check for maps completely removed from my version. i even checked "customise toolbar" for a "maps" channel but found none.

from what i remember the channels available were: dictionary, applecare, translation, flights, ebay, and a few more. i use none of those but dictionary. i learned early on that the last thing you use for translation is the internet. not sure why this is such a cool thing? i don't fly anywhere or use ebay, etc. i feel another post coming on.. :)

November 24, 2004 at 8:25 AM  

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