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Thursday, November 11, 2004

the sock. hint, hint.

also, i've figured out the ipod photo and iphoto thing. natch, they're not using iphoto. windows users who don't have iphoto but buy an ipod photo wouldn't be able to use it. since they've already got itunes, they certainly can. plain jane. overlook my previous questions about it. though, don't overlook my dislike of the a-team/thriller jacket thing.

the ipod socks look fun, but i've a feeling i can make one for myself.

they're silly things though. at first i didn't like them and thought that it was the gap board-member's outlook on the whole thing and wanting to get 'em into their stores too. why do i need a knitted sock for my ipod? for that matter, why do i need 6 of them (they come in packs of 6)?

apple's site says, "Forgive us if we're stating the obvious, but here's how it works: Just slide your iPod into the sock to keep it safe and warm. Slide it out to dock or change playlists. It's as easy as... putting on a pair of socks." Other sites say they're waiting for the sweatsock versions of the footwear cum playerwraps with their tongues in cheek.

keeping the ipod warm is something i've been thinking aboot lately. what with our incredibly cold canadian winters, any kind of warmth you can provide to an ipod is a good idea. the apple site says that the newest regular ipods require an operating temperature of 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) and -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) when not operating. with that in mind, the sock is a great idea. i'm not sure about yours, but my ipod kicks off some heat when it's working and the sock'd be able to retain the heat a bit to help it out.

to interrupt, i keep my ipod in the inner pocket of my jacket to keep it warm too.

anyways, i'm not sure how many of you've used gameboys, etc. in cold temperatures or brought them in from the car and watched the screen fade back into focus and contrast as the lcd warms up. my ipod has experienced a slight rainbowing effect if i hold it in certain directions as the unit warms up. the last thing i need to do is get the display more messed up by cold.

so for heat retention, the ipod sock is a good idea.

from colour standpoints, they're pretty chic too (well more ghic© mathew hoy 2004) and reflect the latest sarah jessica parker/broderick and lenny kravitz gap commercial to a tee. at $30/sock, you're paying $5 each. that's a pretty good deal. it's not often you find apple products for under $10. for those faithful followers with one of every ipod, the socks would make great holders for every version of the pod to date. the socks would make good digital camera bags too for the keeners out there with smaller cams.

another area where the trivial socks would be of benefit is in protection. i know, i know - they're knitted socks, how can they protect anything? the idea is a pretty basic one and one that anyone like me who is hella clumsy can appreciate. if you can't relate, i'll tell a tale of (almost ) woe. my digital camera was once in a pocket of my jacket and after a lunchtime session of photo shooting, i was getting out of the car and leaned over too far. the sleek camera (now hella-bulky, but whatever) slid out of my pocket and landed with a kay-runch on ashphault. luckily, it didn't break and works well to this very day (there are ~3 pixels busted in the display. it's an olympus d510z if you're interested to know. olympus makes great cams, rest assured - a fact that was proven to me when my pal jovino showed me his when he came up to toronto to kick it for a few). anyways, slam. crack. the case split apart a bit but all was not lost.

i'm sure that if i had my ipod in the sock and it (gasp) fell out of my pocket, it wouldn't smash as harshly as the ipod would with its sleek case. i'd need to get one or 2 to test the theory for sure (hint, hint apple...). for that matter, the "grip" created by the knitted sock would "anchor" it into the pocket in my jacket, which would remove the sock's ability to slick out of the jacket pocket. in thinking about it however, velcro at the top would likely help (but might scratch the plastic a bit) to keep the top of the sock closed.

so the sock has a few excellent uses, rather than the plain "buy even more ipod gear" marketing machine that apple is famous for. it's warm, a good container, and offers protection and shock-absorption to precious (and expensive) ipods.

that said, and before confirming it, i've an idea for apple. and that is that they should consider getting local shelters, etc. to make the ipod cozies from scratch. employ local homeless people in local shelters and have them make the socks. then, share some of the profits with the shelters. a good way to help the community and give people a) things to do and b) better shelters. or hit up an old folks home that's stocked to the rafters with ancient knitting grannies who can make them too. they need things to do.

or for that matter (when d gets it going, employ the gang of kids at kn1t to make some designer socks. i can't wait until they start up the ipod sock challenge over there (and if there isn't one coming there, one might come here [or at HellaBoss]).

anyways, get a sock.

ps: they'd also be good to have if you've lots of adult content on your ipod photo as well, but we won't get into that. ;)


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