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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

tuesday morning

last night i caught a mouse in our house. our cats were chasing it around for about 20 minutes, being completely oblivious to it until they finally sort of cornered it and just watched it for 5 minutes. i caught it in a plastic container and took it outside. i suppose it was mean since it's snowing out there, but mice is mice and i do subscribe to the survival of the fittest theory.

then again, we're getting a guinea pig. at the humane shelter, his name is sage. that name is dumb. we're calling him checkers. we hope he doesn't mind. he was taken to the humane shelter after someone abandoned him last winter outside. jerks. ain' nobody doin' nothin' to my checkers. it's all the niffer's idea too - she had a pig for a while and when she died (the pig), she wanted to replace it. last night before bed we were talking about checkers and this morning too. we were wondering what checkers is up to, what he's thinking about, etc. oh, silly checkers. i will try to post some pictures when we pick him up later this week (background check and all).

yesterday's snow stuck around! hooray!


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