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Friday, November 12, 2004

using crystal ftp...

..should be against the law.

when i started working where i work now, i bought all the software i'd need to do my job with the company credit card. one of those packages was called crystal ftp up on the advice of a "friend" (haha, hi garrett!). since installing it, it's crashed out on my almost weekly, and disconnects when after i've maintained a server connection for more than 5 minutes.

let's break this down, starting with the disconnects, then the crashing.

the application disconnects me from my server every 5 minutes or so. once in a while. at least 1 time per session. there are no alerts, and sometimes there is no message to tell you that you're not connected. the only way you can tell that you're not connected is when you try to upload a file to the server and it doesn't move at all. even then, there is no "whoops! sorry, i've dropped your connection again." message.

i understand the concept of dropping connections as a security measure that helps to keep user's computers protected from wandering people (though since all the links are bookmarked in the app, anyone can access them anyways). if that were the case, there should be a preference somewhere that lets you set the disconnect time: "5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, never" or something like that. unless i'm a crackhead, there is not a preference that i can find that lets you do that. as a matter of fact, there is a preference that boasts "anti-timeout" that lets you send a pulse to the server to prevent timeouts. it doesn't work.

re: the crashing. man, this thing crashes (i'm using windows xp) all the time. the most spectacular crash is when the app has disconnected from the server, you don't realise it (because not only the title bar [where it normally tells you if you're connected or not] nor the log window updates with any frequency at all), and you drag and drop a file from "your stuff" to "their stuff" (note: it's not called that, panic's excellent transmit app is and i miss it terribly). the app hangs at that moment. there isn't an undo" option in mid-transfer, even if you're not connected.

the crash is painful. it freezes the application. i can't click anything there until it's done doing whatever it is that it's doing. once it's done (if it even finishes), you can close the app the normal way (which i always do since i like to start from scratch instead of slagging through the errors).

if you do that, however, it crashes out on you. even control+alt+delete doesn't work. you hit that, choose crystal ftp and if you're lucky, the app quits. if not, you hard reset the entire machine because no other dialogues work either.

casdk's technical support is equally as responsive. i've sent 3 emails to them over the course of 3 weeks and have recieved absolutely no response. no "we'll get back to you in a few minutes", no nothing. as of this writing, i'm still waiting.

so, i'm looking for a new ftp app. garrett (hi again!) has since told me that he's gone back to cuteftp and likes it. i'm looking for tight windows ftp apps that don't crash out or cripple the entire system.

what do you suggest?


Blogger Frank said...


The one I always recommend to Windows Users is FileZilla ( Works like a charm, and supports simultaneous uploads (I've done 20+ files at once)...

Give it a try!

November 12, 2004 at 12:58 PM  
Blogger moy said...

i am downloading it now, thanks! :)

like i said, i'm all over the mac. transmit for general uploads, and ncftp for command-line uploads too.

November 12, 2004 at 1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ditto on transmit for the mac, as far as the pc end goes, i've been using ftp voyager for what seems like FOREVER...give it a shot, it's got a unigue interface (up/down vs. the usual left/right) and it's been really solid for me.

November 13, 2004 at 2:39 PM  
Blogger Junkface said...

I'm sorry about crystal FTP being crap on you. It used to be great! I've abandoned it recently too, as you mentioned, and CuteFTP is working well.

Nothing seems to hold a candle to Transmit, though. It's sad.

November 15, 2004 at 1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


November 18, 2004 at 2:14 PM  

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