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Thursday, December 09, 2004


work: xmas party presentation. after the party, i'll post one of my slides. such a geek. what a pixel freak. editing docs that were written in "Claris Home Page version 3.0" - including stripping "livesrc" descriptors from the guts of it. taking photos, trying to get windows to recognise a brand new fuji s7000 camera (stupid windows), and finishing up some projects.

freelance: finished frank's job up. payment arrives this week. new client on horizon with him which is great. working on things with garrett in nyc (specifically, designing one of the best logos i've ever done - i'll ask him if i can post it..). trying to secure some work with jez in oz, consulting with a client on windows (ugh), getting laptop-envy, and more.

home: xmas shopping. the niffer is almost done. shawnwall is done. frank is almost done. i know what i want to get him, but he's shifty. and i'm cheap. hehe. new pills that are 1x/day now instead of 2x/day. they are $106.90 for 30 tablets. there is 36mg of "happy junk" in them as opposed to 20mg before. my hand hurts after a fight with our cat the other wherein he bit into my hand - hopefully nothing's too busted up. i want to buy things using itms-c but cannot. i did buy a great new journal booklet tho. it's all over hot. i'm going to redo some wtfudge stuff in its likeness. be on the lookout.

you: update.