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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

apple updates galore!

canadian itunes music store by end of november == 0;
where is the music store? i've no idea. canadians today can launch itunes and still get the "sorry, no store in your country yet, sucka" message. clicking on the previously do-nothing browse link dumps you to the usa store again. we seem to be back to square one. ugh. if you see that it's been updated before i do, please make a post. i want to try this thing out right away (though i should wait until i get home..)!

isight webcam in under 12 days (actual time: 6 days total) == 1;
the isight was shipped on sunday. there was an attempted delivery yesterday at 13:23 by purolator courier. a message was left over the keyhole on my front door.

brilliant placement i thought - put the paper in the way of where someone has to go to get into their house. the paper uses a simple sticky section that ahderes it to the door (or whatever). the niffer and i do that sort of stuff if we've a note that the other person needs to read. we don't have a bulletin board or "spot where we look as soon as we come in" except for 3 places: my computer screen, the toilet (to be honest), and the television. so, we use sticky notes to put notes where we're sure to see them. the niffer's getting more into the computer now with her weblog so i might have to change "television" with "tangerine imac". we'll see.

anyways, the note for puro said that i need to go to the puro depot to pick up my package and that i need gov't id to do so. natch, the shipment was under the niffer's name so i was fudged. she had to write me a note and i went to pick it up before my class at fanshawe. after a 20 minute wait, meeting a guy bleeding from the top head in the puro office while he was waiting for a package, and listening to puro employees tooling each other in the back room, i was off (rounding the corner and driving past my old place of work, evil, inc.) back to the college.

loving said webcam == 1;
got the camera. carefully sliced open the box(es), shrink wrap and opened the camera. i was worried a bit about the camera. it's a pretty delicate thing with all the lenses, etc. i wasn't sure how well it would stand up to puro's potential rough-handling of the package. when it arrived, it was minty fresh. i was actually a bit worried that it was just an empty box since the contents were so light. inside the main cardboard shell was a smaller box and a ream of crumpled brown paper to act a shock absorber, and a picking slip. oddly enough there is no apple branding on the slip at all.

anyways, inside the smaller box was the isight, in a box that's exactly the same size as an ipod. the same look and feel too. even belly-wrapped with cardboard that slides up and off the fold-out box. inside the package were a few items:

the camera
a plastic pill-bottle that is used to transport the isight about without damaging it
an apple-branded firewire cable (2 male ends)
multiple stands to put the isight into
a magnetic cable clamp to hold the camera to metallic displays, etc.
an instruction/user guide and warranty information slip

true to apple form, there was no installation cd involved. it was literally "take it out of the box, plug it in and it works". brilliant.

it took me a bit to figure out how the stands and clips and cable and isight plugged in and the firewire port in the isight was a little snug on the plug-in and unplug. after a couple of uses, however, things were fine. the paper sticky stuff is brilliant and very strong. i'm a little worried what'll happen if i have to unplug it and want to take the mount off (i'm looking at buying one of these - for xmas?). i read on apple's web site that you can use goo-gone to get rid of any sticky residue.


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