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Monday, December 13, 2004


this weekend was the great "franksandbeans giftswap" wherein frank and i swapped xmas gifts. in both cases the gifts turned out to be the most excellent itms-c gift certificates that were redeemed for goodies. i should note that i think frank went a little overboard, but i certainly won't turn down the maad cash.

first impressions of the itms-c:

it's just as easy as everyone has said to connect and download tracks. once you've an account set up, simply clicking the "buy song" button gets the deed done quickly and painlessly. even though i haven't used it yet, i really appreciate the "are you sure you want this song" alert that comes up before you finalise it.

the store is missing stuff. lots of stuff. i'm aware that it's fresh, new, and tasty and that things will get changed quickly. right now, however, if i search for that "band of bands", rancid, i get only their most recent album and no operation ivy stuff. there was a lot of music i wanted to purchase already but could not since it wasn't available.

there is a language issue with itms-c for some reason. for fun (after seeing that there were a few bands missing (catpower, yo la tengo, the constantines, evil pupil [where are you, cyclop media?] etc.) i went to the itms-usa to see if the bands were missing from everything or just itms-c. logging back into itms-c (whew!) changed all of my text to french and i couldn't find an option to switch it back. anyone know where to do this from? logging out and back in seemed to do the trick.

the music:

i bought the wilco: a ghost is born album, 2 tracks from snoop dogg's rhythm and gangsta disc (drop it like it's hot and pass it pass it), and to ensure the proper bit of cancon (canadian content) i had to score the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by gordon lightfoot. all are delightfully "protected aac format".

i've still credit in my account and can wait a couple of weeks before buying more music (provided that some shows up quickly!

this weekend was more "new HellaBoss-working-on". with jez's help, i've created a cms that lets me manage posts to the site so that i don't have to do it through blogger anymore. i will put out an official abp on this site when things switch over. don't expect it for a while tho. the site is looking just fine, however.


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