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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

itms-c revisited and bookmarks

you can't use gift certificates purchased at itms-c at itms-usa. that is very much too badsir since i was going to get a couple of pals a nice gift for xmas. still waiting for some hot indierock tunes to arrive at the store. that said, my pal vince at cyclop media said that their artists were going to be on itms-c in 2005 which is exciting to no end. sitting with $36.08 in my account with no non-mainstream music to use it on! i'm this close to blowing the stack on a bunch of old and great oscar peterson tracks. gotta keep up that cancon.

in other news, i've an idea for a fun project - the great december bookmark swap. here's the way we'll do it up (if you want to participate): export all of your "daily" bookmarks as html and upload them all to your web site. post a link to the document in the comments and share with your fellow geeks some of the sites you check up all the time. i'm sure there are many sites that some of us are looking at that the others are not. ie: there are likely some great design inspiration sites, weblogs, etc. that people would benefit from knowing about, so get to it!


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