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Saturday, December 11, 2004

posted at yayhooray

i posted this at yayhooray today:

"hooray for canada. i'm very glad that people can do what they like now, even though it's been the same "free country" this whole time. it takes 9 judges to make a ruling that simply looks at the canadian charter of rights and freedoms and says, "ohshit, we've been mucking with homosexuals this whole time!".

i am certainly glad that conservatives exist in canada/around the world as it takes all types to make up a country and it is good to get everyone's opinion on topics.

when it comes, however, to those ideas restricting citizens of a country based on emotional responses perpetrated chiefly by religious ideas (that are constantly in flux - girls can be "altar boys", women can be ministers, for example), i can't help but think of historical circumstances where religion influenced politics and kept people in-line. the ideas that kings and queens (pun intended) were the direct representatives of god on earth, that girls with birthmarks were witches and must be burned, that the native peoples of various continents were tools to help make an empire great, etc. are luckily things that the whole of a country/society have risen up against and realised (after a lengthy fight where many people are killed, injured, humiliated, etc.) that just maybe there are much bigger things to worry about and that religion and emotional responses perhaps are not the best way to dictate the actions of nations.

when i remove myself from the emotional responses generated by events such as this, as canadians did when women got the right to vote, when americans passed laws that slavery wasn't such a good idea and segregation maybe isn't the best way to deal with people who are different from us, or when the british did when they decided that they should stop paying the crown tax for the light they were using for their crops, i am proud that we are moving forward, finally overcoming trivial obstacles, and are now able to concentrate on more important issues like poverty, health care, separation, starvation, and more.

really, i think there are more important things to worry about than whether 2 fellas can get married or not. i think that terrorism, environmental waste, etc. could be a little more important.

sometimes i think that religious groups in canada who are against things like the freedom to marry (i hate the name gay marriage as much as i hate when people tell me about friends of theirs, and make sure when they're describing them, that they say that they're black if they are - who cares?) are against it so much because if it passes, they won't have anything else to get upset about except video games and that hip hop music. their group might get disbanded. they might stop being paid to complain all of the time. just like unions would if all corporations started treating their employees like real people. if that happend, the unions would certainly be against the disbanding of unions and they would make up a big stink.

just a few idears. sorry to offend, but where i come from, we care about people and encourage and empower them to be all they can and want to be. natives can be lawyers and blacks don't have to be rap stars to be millionaires. white people don't have to be the powerful elite, and women don't have to give birth if they don't want to.

be what you want. do what you want. it's supposed to be a free country - let's make it that way and see what happens!"


Blogger Matthew said...

I totally know what you're talking about re: "this black guy...[something trivial and not really benefitting from knowing the skin color]." I have a friend who insists on prefacing everything with the individual's race, despite how massively irrelevant the info is: "This Asian lady cut my hair/This mexican guy was in line..." It really is annoying and unnecessary.

Preach on brother Mathew.

December 11, 2004 at 10:18 PM  

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