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Thursday, January 06, 2005

daang, a few more posts then

work at home continues smoothly. i've actually started work on a cocoa application that should help me get some work done more quickly. since i've no idea what i'm doing in cocoa, it's been difficult. i've learned quite a bit, however. cocoadevcentral has been a huge help. i just wish the search and most of the links worked? :
other things occupying my time are my new ruby gbasp, metroid: first mission, advance wars 2, and final fantasy 1 & 2: dawn of souls. i try to play ff at least 1x per night since i'm doing a big review of it you know for... whoops! i've said too much already.

i'm actually getting lots done on the new HellaBoss too. i've got a design that i'm in love with that i'm tweaking instead of ditching (which is saying an awful lot!). truth be told, however, i'm having too much fun with the HB cms to work on the front-end. ta-ra-ra!

lastly, let's talk xmas. i got: metroid prime 2: echoes, bubba-ho-tep on dvd (brilliant), a neck pillow and travel light (for our trip to florida), some arnold palmer black slippers, a big box of bacci chocolates, a screw-caddy for my drill bits, nails, screws, etc. (now i really need to build a workbench!), and more.

what did you get for xmas?

dang, a few more things. hehe. finally saw the excellent napoleon dynamite, wondering where frankieshakes went off to, and pictures from florida are online using flickr. did you know that using the flickr standalone app for os x, you can drag and drop images from iphoto and upload them in 1 shot?

that is all.



Blogger Frank said...

Hey Hey!!

Happy new year, my man! How's it going? I hope your trip went well.

I've been really quiet lately. My HD on the PowerBook went last week, and I'm without my Mac (for a week now!! *teardrop*).

I've got some news for you... I'll see if I can jump on AIM (although I'm not sure if we can chat via that... Does it work the same as iChat?).

Looking forward to the new HB site...

January 6, 2005 at 12:35 PM  

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