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Friday, January 14, 2005

last night i almost did it

i almost bought my first audiobook. after being a daily reader of merlin mann's (where'd you go?) 43 folders weblog for close to 4 months, i decided to check to see if the much-touted "getting things done" (or gtd) book was available through itms-c and it is/was. the trick is though that it's an abridged version of the 2002 printing of the book. i've since mailed the company to ask them what the abridged version is missing over the regular one. anyone have any wierd experiences with abridged books? any suggestions on how to handle abridged materials? i've heard to avoid abridged stuff (mainly dictionaries), but no official word that i'd follow as gospel. you?

last night i beat the water fiend in ff 1 (the kracken - named phil) and tried my hand at the new *-gift shrines scattered about. the two that i tackled (earth and water) are both rough. i managed to beat cerebus in the earth one, but the water one and gilgamesh has me getting rocked and rocked and rocked. i'm looking for a walkthrough on it. currently, i'm at level 42 with all of my characters (geek note: no one has died yet - and when they do, the do it all together. when one gets a new level, they all do. that's tough to do in final fantasy). with this game done, i can finally start to write that review for... whoops! i've said too much.

yesterday i bought my new meds. 60 pills cost me $215 canadian dollars. luckily, they're turning my feces to solid gold, so in the end (haha) the trade-off is good.


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