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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


comments on macworld since i'm not quite finished with HellaBoss yet. the design is 80% and it staying so don't worry about that. i've got the cms working now with jez and frank's help. i'm working on a comment system now that'll allow you to post comments (though maybe i should just launch it and get it over with and add commenting later? haha!).

however, because it's distant and not here yet (i'm looking at this weekend to get the design done), i'm going to post about macworld yesterday. anyone who didn't hear anything about it has been living under a rock. here's what's what:

ipod shuffle: i'm doing the ipod shuffle. the new dance craze. and it's sweeping the nation. someone should create a dance based on it. anyways, when i showed it to her, my wife said, "i would totally buy one." that's huge for the niffer. while she loves the mac (and, luckily, the mat too - at work she has an apple sticker on the back of her peecee monitor to pretend it's a mac), she's never as excited as i am about technology when it comes out. not only is the shuffle the perfect size, but it's also the perfect price. i was thinking about it too - there is no display (which is a good way to keep the price down) which might be bad for most people. but my wife, who uses a portable cd player to walk to work (and has to carry it because it won't fit into her pockets), would appreciate its size and doesn't care about the lack of display because her cd player doesn't have one either. she just "knows" the tracks on the player based on the cd. just like the shuffle would be. even better, if you set it to randomly fill the shuffle, even better - then she wouldn't be stuck hearing the same shizer over and over and over again. 120 songs in her pocket is really a good idea. carrying around ~10 cds and player is heavy and awkward. carrying 1 stick of gum isn't. :) (lifted directly from a post i left at garrett's manrage) i want to buy one of these for the niffer badly. once another freelance project payout comes in (frank?), it's done.

macmini: before this came out, i've been working hard to get my macs networked together so that we can share a printer via my network switch. i finally got things working and it works well. i was thinking that it would be great to have another mac around so that i could use it as a network backup unit. i was thinking of replacing the niffer's imac and using it as backup. i figured that it was too big and that i'd have a hard time keeping the imac out of the way. it was like someone was inside my head with this item. i want one. it's cheap and powerful. the ram (even though they say that you should get it upgraded by trained peeps) looks easy enough to upgrade.

ilife: i just bought ilife on the 27th of december. i cannot upgrade it. boo-urns. great stuff however. if you're into garageband, be sure to pick it up crazy-style. from the keynote, things looked rather amazing re: it.

iwork: i was waiting for this to come out more than anything else. and i'm buying it when i get home tonight. it looks great though there is no spreadsheet app (yet). i like the look of pages and have been looking for a replacement to office for a while. short of excel, i can ditch office (i use mail for email rather than entourage and don't use powerpoint because it stinks). the interface looks 10000% better than appleworks which i've really wanted to use for a while now but couldn't get over the interface to engage it.

other: i'm all over the new imagery on the ilife and iwork boxes. they remind me of scandinavian folk art for some reason. very impressed.

i don't care much about fcphd, etc., or idvd, or imovie so i won't comment on them. i will say however, that it was incredibly interesting to see the president of sony onstage with jobs. anyone else think that?

what was your favourite part of the keynote?


Blogger Tracy said...

*doing the ipod shuffle*

i want one so badly i can taste it, even though the site says "do no eat". for 130 CAD, you can get a .5GB usb key that will play music as well - how awesome is that? i think that if i try hard, i may be able to convince the jeeper.

wish me luck

January 12, 2005 at 1:58 PM  
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